Renowned German electronic music artist, DJ, and founder of BPitch and UFO Inc. record labels

Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photo: Stini Roehrs

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What’s it like to be you?
Being me feels playful,  intense, dreamy, and creative.
At the moment I am sitting at a desk in the BPitch office and am listening to new tracks for the ‘We Are Not Alone compilation’ (coming soon). WANA is our Berlin-based event series, it’s usually a 34h rave at Griessmuehle. Good News: Griessmuehle found a new permanent location here in Berlin

Why do you think music is such a vital element to (y)our existence?

Music just keeps me alive, music triggers emotions in all directions … It’s a powerful elixir that opens up emotion-channels.

The music I am playing is very physical, I structure my DJ sets to make you dance, to make you feel your body and mind, to make your soul stronger.

What was your mindset when working on your newest album ‘AurAA?’? Did you uncover certain truths about yourself in the process?
I really wanted to play with vocals and analog equipment like various synths to create an emotional rave in my studio. I started working on the album late 2019 and produced it entirely in my studio in Berlin.
The vocals are about space, earth, and the desire to be connected with our planet’s auras. My vibe when I made this album was all about building a musical world that introduces a new dimension of energy and that can change the room. Also when I DJ  I follow the same vibe, I strive to open the soul to experience a new way for your body to feel and activate the brain in new ways.

The album draws on the notion of unseen energies that are present in the world. Did you yourself ever experience something that seemed paranormal to you?
Yes, I can see things before they are coming. I think everybody can see that actually but hardly anyone notices or listens because people are so very busy with too many things all the time…
I try to listen and notice my visions, also the feelings between humans and nature around me are powerful. This really changes the way I feel and think.
Our planet’s aura and all life are connected. What we / our society built is one unnatural world which we want to control… the sad result is losing the connection to the spirits and the connection to space, earth, vibes, and auras.


Could you share some background about the album artwork created by Marcel C. Wilkens [Erased Memories]? Does it depict a concept of augmented and virtual reality, or is it something else?
The design is playing with confusion, which I love. This is how I often feel, due to a frequent lack of sleep. Music is always in my heart and I often feel like in a dream….To me, it feels like he designs the lifestyle that I am living in my heart.

Is it difficult for you to challenge yourself even further with every new project?
No…it’s easy just like the flow of a river, or like when you watch birds fly. Yes, it actually feels like flying when producing or playing music. On the other side, I am a very grounded person, I switch into my creative world or decide to focus on things with a very grounded perspective and connection.

What is a rule that you always try to follow in life?
Sharing vibes – sharing art – being independent.

Do you ever feel confined in your own imagination or is it always easy for you to access a creative realm?
My mind needs to be relaxed to create, I know myself very well and what I need for that state is to create an inspired situation for myself. Before I leave my house for touring, for example, I pack my things and listen to music, my focus is on creating a special night. The same goes for when I am in the studio – it’s almost like an addiction to music, to djing.

I live my passion and it’s my way to express my dreams, desires and hopes.

You’ve often mentioned that playing records is like traveling through time. What if you had an actual chance to travel in time, would you go into the future or would you rather explore the past? Where would you go and why?
I’d go into the future! I would travel until I’ve seen the whole world…non-stop.
There are so many places I have never been to and I would love to see… like Alaska and many mountains.

What was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or experienced in your life?
The person I love while kissing …:-)
Iceland and its capital Reykjavik was mind-blowing, I felt so close to Earth.
Also, the first time I visited Colombia was life-changing for me. We went by car from Bogota and visited many small towns. I was and am so deeply impressed by the culture and nature. The red earth in Colombia and how the old towns were built…  I feel like I better understood what comes from the inside and what comes from the outside: water, snow, earth, mountains, is there an inside or an outside… Haha, here we are.

Do you remember the first piece of music or a particular artist that you obsessed over?
Oh, many … Especially when I was a kid. In terms of electronic music, I have to say KraftwerkDas Model‘ changed my ears.

What is your stance on imperfections, both in work and in life?

Perfection does not interest me. It doesn’t exist for me. Music that does not sound perfect is more interesting for me and it is the same with design or faces. Music needs to sound wrong, abstract, raw, for it to ‘catch’ me. Perfection is flat and it doesn’t stimulate my brain.

If you were a musical instrument, which one would you be and how would it reflect your personality?
Playing with beats is my thing. I love synths and effects, playing, and using my own voice inspires me.  I am trained in piano and saxophone but I don’t connect to them anymore as much these days.

Looking back at the beginning of your music journey, what do you wish you had known back then?
My music journey never stops and looking back makes me feel simple. I don’t want to be there again, I am here right now enjoying life, feeling strong, and being connected to our energies.

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would you answer? 
Ellen, are you living on Earth? I am living in Earth.