As we pass into the long anticipated realm of the fall season in Kiev, we can’t hide the elation that comes along with it. The dear to our hearts promo and record label Worn Pop are nearing their 5th anniversary, and consequently, our favourite party of the year Black! Factory is on its way, thus we’ve decided to make a guide through what Worn Pop has prepared for us as the days get colder and the nights last longer. 

14th September – The KVB • Geuxx @ Closer 

Worn Pop starts the fall season with treating us to the mesmeric duo of Nicholas Wood and Kat Day. The KVB started to grow its roots back in 2010, and has been soothing our souls with hypnotic sounds ever since. The band is releasing their new album ‘Only Now Forever’ on Invada Records UK on the 12th of October so we shall be in fortune of hearing some new material. Joining them will be the all familiar Geuxx, who recently returned from Worn Pop’s ‘Tour of Europa’.

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21st September – Trisomie 21 • Seahorse @ Closer

Brothers Philippe and Hervé Lomprez formed Trisomie 21 back in the beginning of the 80s in Lille, France, thus having an indisputable impact on the cold wave genre, and we are fortunate to witness the spirit of that time with our very own eyes. In the words of Nikita Netrebko, Trisomie 21, ‘is undoubtedly one of the most important guests for Worn Pop and for me personally, and it’s one of those gigs that only happens once.’ We will also witness the revival of Seahorse, who recently released their first track in 6 years and their very first music video.

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28th September – QUAL • Cabaret Nocturne @ Closer

The following is the event that we personally and indisputably await the most. Welcoming QUAL  – the solo project of William Maybelline, who also happens to be one half of Lebanon Hanover. The energy of mayhem (or the mayhem of the energy) is hard to put into words when listening to the almost sacrificial sounds of QUAL. It’s a wicked force that we are seduced by and we are more than willing to endure this beguiling evil. On top of that we are delighted to belong to the night with Worn Pop’s third nocturnal event to a DJ set from a Belgian artist Raphaël de Sauvage, better and famously known as Cabaret Nocturne. Up for a night of dark disco?

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12th October – Magic Island @ Closer

Worn Pop continues to introduce new and distinctive artists to us and we are fascinated to see the dreamy Emma Czerny of Magic Island to spellbind our souls with her sensual sound. The name Magic Island came from a Berlin bar ‘Zauberinsel’ which played a role in Emma’s life when she first moved to Germany’s capital from Canada. Although, Emma claims to have a pessimistic view of the future with it’s repeated cycles, she remains an artist who is on a mission to share love through music, and we as an audience are more than delighted to share our love back.

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19th October – Lebanon Hanover @ Closer

William Maybelline is returning once again to Kiev’s Closer, only this time with Larissa Iceglass, as part of the well-known and romantically melancholic duo Lebanon Hanover. Larissa says that it’s a union of two dissimilar music elements that sparked a creative chemistry, which has been alluring our hearts and haunting our souls until this day.

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26th October – She Past Away @ Mezzanine

A gig we’ve been waiting for in perpetuity ever since hearing the soul stirring dark-wave and post-punk melodies of the Istanbul-based band for the very first time. The distinctive aesthetic and sound of She Past Away leaves an imprint in the subconscious and envelops your entity in the boundless mystery of the grotesque.

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3rd November – Rendez-Vous @ Closer

Formed in the 2012, the Parisians Rendez-Vous have been steadily reviving the post-punk of the 80s. As part of their ‘Expanding corruption European tour’ they will stop by and commence us on a journey of raw rebellious energy.

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23rd November- Lust For Youth @ Closer

Last year we all merged together to the mesmerizing sounds of Lust For Youth under the guidance of Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer and Soho Rezanejad, and now we are getting the chance to repeat the experience anew. Their performances are as if a magical mist sweeping through your being and rising you above any worries that you hold within yourself, so make sure to be swept away along with us.

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