Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Elena Savlokhova

Anything at all – the closest definition of the word ‘aught’. We are Âught. Our purpose is to avoid the repeated and customary portrayals of creators and artists. We desire to unveil the unexpected, and at times, the bizarre characteristics of their marvelous beings. We seek the peculiar, the odd, the witty, the absurd. Yet we equally embrace the profound and the intellectual.

Whatever we discover in the abyss of ourselves is the thing that shapes our entities. We stumble through a dark forest to uncover what makes us unique, yet at the same time, we all share a universal human experience. The depth and marvel of that experience is entirely up to us.

The world is full of illusions, opinions, prejudices and assumptions. Such is the nature of mankind. Time itself is not a constant. Perception is ever-changing. Our tastes and the people around us change. We change ourselves. The only thing that remains untouched is our own presence within ourselves. We shape our own realities and live by them. This is the basis of Âught. It is vital for us to recognize your world as you perceive it. To understand the way you understand yourself. To see the world through your eyes. No limits, no restrictions, no condemnations.

Selfishness and self-absorption are depicted as ‘bad’ qualities. Yet by virtue of egoism Âught was created. We selfishly choose people that interest us, basing our choice on the worlds that they create.

Hope you see what we see,