Immersing into the biosphere of Kyiv’s bygone ribbon weaving factory once a year is indisputably a feeling like no other. Strichka Festival is a labyrinth filled with beautiful beings that share a single luminiferous experience. It’s more than just a music festival – it’s a playground for exploration, it’s a place where prejudices cease to exist, and where one’s entity ascends into a vastness of pure vitality.
This year, for 13 blissful hours, Aught Magazine was fortunate enough to capture, witness, and dissolve in the audiovisual magic of Nyzhneyurkovskaya Str. 31. Further we unveil the abstract and subjective visual narrative of one single soul. Yet it’s a narrative out of the hundreds, out of the thousands of those, who also happened to wander through this maze in awe, and who undoubtedly have unique stories of their own.

Chapter I – The Opening

Strichka’s opening deserves a separate mention. The yard transformed into an art installation where one bore witness to the collision of three parallel worlds. Friedensreich’s live set placed us on board of a vessel roaming through the unknown territory of outer space. The audiovisual performance of Boris Divider split reality in half and one could behold the digital chaos of singularity in all of its terrifying beauty – the crowd surrendered to the robotic. Now if that wasn’t enough, GAS took us on a spellbinding journey through the mysteries of Earths elements. It was overwhelmingly mesmeric. It was as if being in a state of complete isolation, yet it felt calm and harmonious. We explored the planetary core, we existed as celestial bodies, we erupted as lava in the abyss of a volcano, we blazed brightly and silently, we metamorphosed into the night until eventually we dissolved into the magnificence of the stars.

Chapter II – The Night

Putting poetry aside, one instantly felt gravity again once taking the first step on any of the dance floors. And, of course, Happy Birthday to the outstanding Nastia, who opened Closer’s 3rd floor fiercely and elegantly, and who is an integral part of this cultural phenomenon.
The movement never stopped – you willingly or not relocated in order to absorb as much emotions you possibly could – as if a blood cell floating through the veins of infinity to the soundtrack of numerous heartbeats. And through this human traffic you encountered countless familiar and joyous faces who had sparks of wonder in their eyes.
Time flew mercilessly fast, and the feeling of missing out had grown its roots quite deeply; yet a dose of Ranishe Niyaak’s exquisite music taste in Otel’, the warm vibes of Philipp Markovich in Mezzanine, the smoke filled 3rd floor with DMX Krew’s live, a delicious Negroni in Savage Food, and the relieving breath of fresh air to some sick tunes played by Shyvkin and THP on the Savage dance floor kept the anxiety at bay.

Chapter III – Sunrise

As the night had slowly stepped down, a revitalization quest was on its way. The cosy candle-lit tea room in ШООМ was the perfect starting point. From there the path led to the ship, a place that is especially charming once the trees have bloomed. Then all the way through Closer’s dance-floor to reach the garden to have a brief moment with mother nature and some other fellow Strichka companions… until it was time for one last 3rd floor circuit.

Chapter IV – 3rd Floor

07:00-09:00 Luke Slater. A lot could be said but it’s time to round up. In short, he slayed the dance floor viciously, all the while rocking the coolest pair of shades in front of a wall with splendid visuals – sophistication at its best. Mr. Slater possesses such an effortless and relaxed stage presence that it is truly fascinating to observe; especially if one juxtaposes it with the powerful energy of his set, and the 30 degree steam room filled with an ocean of highly active dancers.


Thus, unfortunately, the 13-hour-long adventure had reached its end under the pouring rain of Sunday morning, whilst for some, the adventure had just begun at the season’s opening of the beloved Lesnoy Prichal.
To sum up, Strichka Festival is a beautiful living organism that thrives each year and Aught would like to express a sincerest gratitude and love to those who keep it alive.

Until next year.

Photography: Elena Savlokhova