Anime is the Japanese term for animation, which means all forms of animated media.”

Text: Ljubov Dzuzhynska

The greatest mistake is to perceive anime as 'cartoons for children'.
It is mistakenly considered a genre when, in fact,
anime is a separate kind that includes many genres.
In Japan, anime is an integral part of culture.
A culture with a history that spans for nearly 3 millennia.

The sensational anime attracted the attention of almost every connoisseur of the genre. With the highest ratings and being recognized as one of the best of its kind, even the most demanding connoisseurs who have seen it all were truly bewildered. A fascinating story, colorful sketches, holistic characters, thoughtful plot details are all just a small fraction of the praise to this phenomenon. It tells a story of a boy whose family was brutally murdered by a demon, who, on top of that also turned his younger sister into a murderous beast alike. The plot unfolds around the struggle of the protagonist on his path to becoming stronger. He blames himself for weakness, for not being able to prevent the horrific events and save those he loved. Despite the terrible things he’s been through, Tanjiro does not become bitter and his heart is not turned into stone. It’s the contrary – in spite of everything, he remains rational, kind, and even understanding towards the creatures, that took away everything from him. It is a beautiful and very sad story, full of pain and conflict. 

`The weak have no rights or choices. Their only fate is to be relentlessly crushed by the strong!`

An anime television series adaptation by Ufotable

Natsume’s Book of Friends

The plot of the anime is closely intertwined with Japanese folklore, which says that spirits live among people. And being able to see the spirits is an extremely rare gift. Yet is it a gift, or rather a curse? Ever since birth, the protagonist sees the ghostly inhabitants that have lived among people for centuries. Because of his ability to see what is hidden from the eyes of others, Natsume has been an outcast since childhood. As a result, the boy begins to avoid both the spirits, known as youkai, and humans. He knows firsthand the burden of the bitterness of loneliness. The flow of the story draws the viewer into a whirlpool of events, shows that loneliness is limitless and that we are all united in the feelings we experience. Your loneliness doesn’t care about your skin color, gender, height, weight, personality, or even you being a supernatural creature. It is a truly amazing anime, filled with compassion and warmth.

`They come without asking, and then they leave just the same.`

manga series by Yuki Midorikawa

Full Metal Panic!

Perhaps one of the best anime in the genre of fur [ed. note: the main attribute of humanoid fighting robots]. The protagonist is a young sergeant of a secret military organization, who from early childhood had to pick up a machine gun. The story unfolds around his new task: Souske has to infiltrate a school and protect a student with supernatural power from various terrorist groups. Being among peers for the first time, the main character’s perception of the world significantly stands out and becomes detectable in the school environment. The author of this masterpiece managed to skillfully add humor into a serious military storyline. The second season of this anime is worthy of extra attention, as it is a spin-off of the main storyline. Nevertheless, I dare to leave a personal note and say that the second season is perhaps the best I’ve seen in the comedy genre. Even if you are definite that this genre and anime overall is not really your thing, ‘Full Metal Panic!’ can easily carry you into a wild cycle of events and will not let you go until the very end.

`Yes I’ve used a condom before. They can store up to 1 liter of water.`

written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji

Chrome Shelled Regios

The events of this piece unfold in an alternative reality: the planet is a wasteland inhabited by huge insect-like monsters, is unsuitable for living, and representatives of the human race must survive and fight for life with the aid of technology. Mechanical cities are divided into classes and are in constant motion. The heart of these cities is a sacred spirit that makes decisions about how fast the cities move. If the city encounters a nest of monsters, trained soldiers of the military are the ones to protect the population from death. The main protagonist arrives at a peaceful academic town in the hope of ridding of the past and starting a new, unremarkable life. Yet from the first days of his stay in a small town, Leyfon finds himself in a hopeless situation, as only he is able to save the inhabitants from impending mortal danger. This is a tale of a young guy, and the intricate story of his life, which unfolds in a chaotic non-linear narrative. If you have never read manga [ed. note: comic books that usually precede the anime], it is highly likely that watching the season of this anime will tempt you to do so, as the plot will draw you in deeply and irrevocably.

`What’s the point in continuing on if you’ve already failed.`

series by Shūsuke Amagi, with illustrations by Miyū

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

The plot of this anime unfolds in an alternative future: due to global warming, the glaciers melted and the planet turned into a continuous ocean, thereby becoming unsuitable for life. A handful of people left the planet irretrievably several generations ago. The limited resources and the severity of the galaxy call for the remaining survivors to control the population size. But besides the obvious problems, they are also obliged to fight a hostile race – Khidias, squid-like creatures that live in outer space and are the sworn enemy of the Alliance. By coincidence, the main hero of the anime – a young sergeant Ledo, together with a combat robot, is abandoned in a wormhole and remains in a state of suspended anabiosis for a very long period of time. Imagine his surprise when the AI ​​of the combat vehicle, in accordance with the protocol, releases him from hibernation, and he discovers a planet that has been long lost. It turns out that it is still suitable for life, and the people remaining on it live on ships sailing around the oceans, straying into huge fleets, one of which the main character gets on to. Ledo will have to find out why this fact was hidden by those in the position of power and why giant squids swimming in the vast expanses of the water, resemble Khidias. You will be left with a bitter aftertaste after watching this anime, undoubtedly. 

`All of this sea and sky will surely gives you possibilities. Survive. Explore. I expect great achievements from your life.`

produced by Production I.G and directed by Kazuya Murata

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