Article: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Translation: Elena Savlokhova

Anime is the Japanese term for animation, which means all forms of animated media.”

The greatest mistake is to perceive anime as 'cartoons for children'.
It is mistakenly considered a genre when, in fact,
anime is a separate kind that includes many genres.
In Japan, anime is an integral part of culture.
A culture with a history that spans for nearly 3 millennia.

Code Geass

What is justice? Is it possible to be on a path of great change without sacrifice? In order to build something new, you must first destroy the old. This anime is full of semiotics that will plunge you into the depths of thought at every step you take – a truly captivating and deep anime. The inspiration behind the problematics of the picture is the history of mankind. One can clearly see the pressing problems of society, with a pinch of fantasy, which makes the plot even more attractive and exciting. The Geass Code skillfully balances between cruelty and romance. The incredible art accompanied by a strong musical accompaniment, a thoughtful plot that weighs the smallest details, wholesome characters, a variety of genres – all this is skillfully combined into two seasons. A tremendous pleasure to watch and undoubtedly a favorite among favorites.

A rebellion revival.

directed by Gorō Taniguchi, written by Ichirō Ōkouchi


Even the name of this anime indicates the events that will take place in this picture, directly referencing Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. The gradually addictive and slow dynamics of the plot puts a noose on your neck by the middle of the season. You either watch till the end or lose your sanity. Matters of time travel, a scientific approach to details, interesting and diverse characters, a romantic line, complex issues raised, a skillfully selected soundtrack and mesmerizing art – all of these put this anime into top rankings and it is well deserved. 

Hack into the secrets of time travel.

  manga by Yomi Sarachi


This anime was one of the first to enter television channels outside of the Asian region. It immediately won universal acclaim. Hellsing is mayhem in its plot, it’s full of bloodshed and monsters, and people that are caught in the middle. This picture references world history [ed. note – to fascist Germany and the fascists of Latin America] and touches upon the topic of the abuse of politics and politico-religious organizations. The message of the anime is that in order to create something fucked up, there is no need in vampires, aliens or robots, who have risen from the ashes of a nuclear flame, as man himself can create all of that. Each episode begins with a quote from an alchemical paper: “They call me the bird of Hermes, devouring my wings, I tame myself.” In ancient times, alchemists divided substances into two groups: astral and material. Alucard [ed. note: the palindrome of the word ‘Dracula’], associates itself with the bird of Hermes, claiming that it is a spirit that keeps itself in physical form for the benefit of mankind. After viewing this anime, any Hollywood film adaptation will seem childish, and it’s clearly not for a weak psyche. 

The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.

written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano

Ghost in the Shell

Truly a legendary creation with a capital letter. The 2017 adaptation with Scarlett Johansson is a failure, to say the least. This anime was a major influence on sci-fi and it formed sci-fi in the form that we know it now; Ex Machina, The Matrix, Westworld (TV series), and many other equally impressive and famous pieces were inspired both in the sense of aesthetics and plot by this particular masterpiece. Ghost in the Shell is not just a typical confrontation between humanity and its creations, but also a symbiosis between them. “Loner Syndrome” [ed. note: a philosophical concept rooted in postmodernism] triggered a chain reaction from events that, like the snowball effect, could not be stopped. Refugees and illegal immigrants, corruption, the greed of politicians and of large corporations, dictating prices and taking lives, intrigues, and conspiracies flow from episode to episode. The government turns away from those whom it is obliged to protect. Relationship problems between robots and humans fade before political intrigues, conspiracies in the government, the soulless power of corporations, the manipulation of public consciousness through the Internet and the media. The output of this manga dates to 1989-90, and the first film adaptation came out in 1995, yet the problems it touches upon still resonate with wounds on the ‘flesh’ of modern society, as if predicting the development of further events in the bright future of mankind.

It found a voice… now it needs a body.

written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow

One Punch Man

The classic principle of becoming a strong hero through a path that is complex and hard for both the body and the soul. It portrays the usual tactics of battles that we are accustomed to that are on the verge of the spectator’s attention, yet this anime goes against the usual dogmas and familiar foundations. It’s an anime, that caused a statistical wave among the population of Japan, who got tremendously inspired by this piece – after watching it, thousands of people began to play sports. The main character, Saitama, was so physically trained in the pursuit to become strong that he frankly speaking overdid it. With one blow, he can end any opponent, because no one in existence is stronger than he is. It an unusual portrayal of the existential crisis that occurred from the boredom of an achieved goal. As they say, “nothing spoils the target like a direct hit.” It’s a light anime constructed with beautiful art, vivid battles and subtle humor which certainly deserves attention.

“100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!”

 web manga created by ONE

 [vol. 1] ~ [vol. 3]