Guidelines vol. III

As our hibernation mode after Black! Factory is finally reaching its end, we are prepared to start 2018 with a musical bang, so we’d like to share Aught’s plans for the remaining two months of Kiev’s wintertime. Let’s get started, shall we?

January 14th – Drab Majesty [LA] / Stepan i Meduza @ Mezzanine 

“The soundscapes that we create are meant to envelop you and surround you by forming an ethereal world. Through the aesthetics and through our costumes and all that we try to alter your ears and your eyes simultaneously in order to create an immersive experience. Hopefully, through that you can forget about your day, or you can forget about the things that are bothering you, and maybe, just exist without any thought. A pure experience. We want our audience to feel as if time has stopped.” – Deb Demure

The otherworldly Deb Demure and Mona D of Drab Majesty are returning to Kiev with yet another spectacular performance. We still reminisce about that time in May we got a chance to interview them and are beyond thrilled to welcome these two back to our city. This time they are accompanied by the Kiev-based fellas Stepan i Meduza, whose interview we will share with you quite soon, and whose recently released LP ‘Прощение’ [Forgiveness] you can check out here.

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January 20th – Republik @ Otel’

The fifth installment of Republik is promising to be a loud one, both literally and figuratively, as Brayan Valenzuela will demolish the dance floor with a live set. Prepare for a modular madness in Otel’, as well as sets by Ukrainian local DJ gems, one of which is our personal favourite – Nastya Muravyova.

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January 27th – Propaganda Night @ Closer

Hosted by Nastia, you are invited to a night dedicated to her vinyl-only label – Propaganda Records. Nastia always delivers extremely vibrant sets, so we are always eager to experience her play in the flesh. She will be in good company too, get your dancing shoes ready for a live set by Juras Lietus and a DJ set by Thor.

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February 2nd – Модуль⁶ @ Plivka.

Get ready for the sixth installment by Module Live. This time the fellas invited a guest from Berlin Knigi, who plays improvised modular live sets and is part of the promo group Krach.

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February 3rd – Kedr Livanskiy / Stepan i Meduza @ Mezzanine

 “I think there is something archaic about music which is still present from the times when our ancestors couldn’t yet communicate, but could associate with certain sounds. It was a way of communication. Music also helps people, it understands us and soothes us. Music is very democratic and this is its main advantage.” – Yana Kedrina

We’ve had a talk with the spellbinding Yana back in the summer, as she was enjoying the heat Kiev had to offer. Let’s just hope she enjoys the magic atmosphere of winter just as much as we enjoy the dreamy music of Kedr Livanskiy. And guess what, we get to see Stepan i Meduza perform again, so all odds are in our favor.

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February 3rd – Mov–25: Selofan [Athens, GR] + Gil’otina [Kiev, UA] @ Closer

Worn Pop‘s first movement of 2018 is sugar for our souls, as we shall not only witness the bewildering theatrical performance of the Greek duo Selofan , but we will also hear Gil’otina present their newest album. We can’t wait to see what else Worn Pop has in store for us this year, but we are definitely marching in all of its movements.

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February 16th – Ic3peak @ Closer

Icecream promo has been on our radar for quite a while and we are still filled with bliss and gratitude for the Shortparis gig back in September. This time the promo group is treating us to a Russian witch-house duo IC3PEAK, who not only haunt its audience with their bewitching sound, but also lure them in with their mesmeric wicked visuals.

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February 17th – Rhythm Büro: Oscar Mulero, Varg live @ Plivka

With over two decades of experience in the field, the Spanish DJ and producer Oscar Mulero is coming to tear down the dance floor. On top of that, Jonas Rönnberg, better known as Varg, is returning with a live set. Add one of our favorite Kiev spots Plivka into the mix, Na NichIgor Glushko, visuals by the masters of Tenpoint and Blck Box – and you’ve got yourself a night of beautiful mayhem. Long story short – we’re overly excited to welcome the first Rhythm Büro event of the season.

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