Guidelines vol. V


1st June- Grand Prix / Ecstasy In Order @ Closer

Worn Pop is opening the summer season with some mellow Danish sounds that we all grew to love and cherish. First off, we’ll melt away to the tunes of Bastian Emil, better known as Grand Prix. Bastian says that he has an obsession ‘with the idea of a real hero’ and is therefore trying to channel an image of a world champion through his music and his performances. He explores the themes of overcoming doubt, beauty in all its pureness, and being the best that one can be. Next we have Ecstasy In Order – a trio from Copenhagen with dream-like songs that captivate you from the very first sound waves that reach your consciousness.

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1st June – Pivnich 2 Years with Sync 24 @ Closer

Pivnich Magazine celebrates its 2 year anniversary on Lesnoy Prichal with Sync 24 – a British producer, DJ, and head of the electro label Cultivated Electronics. He’ll be in great company of Alex Savage, Ilia Midnyte, and Underdog.

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13th June -Ploho [acoustic concert] @ Mezannine

A post punk/ new wave Siberian band PLOHO is returning to Kiev with an acoustic concert. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dissolve in the bittersweet and poetic world of Victor Uzhakov. Brought to us by the beloved icecream promo.

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14th June- Cigarettes After Sex @ Atlas 

Most of us happened to bump into this band while surfing YouTube and we also happened to fall under their spell. The New York band will debut their album ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ in the walls of Atlas. We highly recommend it to those of you who crave to be a part of a reality that is beyond the observable physical universe.

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15th June – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Bel Etage Music Hall

Almost 20 years in the making, BRMC are as relevant as ever and have rocked our lives one way or the other. With bad blood and feelings we shall be swept away by their 8th studio album ‘Wrong Creatures’ as well as by some of their classics that are so familiar and dear to our hearts.

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19th June – Lubomyr Melnyk @ House of Film

Lubomyr Melnyk is known to be the fastest pianist on the planet and is returning to Kiev with his solo performance. Turning 70 this year, he is a well respected composer, whose music is released on numerous European labels. It’s definitely an experience of powerful artistry and the maestro’s performance will leave a mark on one’s soul.

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22nd June – Apparat / Telefon Tel Aviv @ Art Zavod Platforma

H2D and Smailov are launching a new series of events Promin’ – a collision of electronic music and the visual magic of the digital. After the hiatus announcement of Moderat, all we could patiently wait for is the revival of its associated acts. Hence, Sascha Ring is returning to Kiev with his project Apparat, so prepare for an exquisite DJ set. Mr. Ring will be in company of Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who “devolved from his eye-to-eye collaboration with the late Charles Wesley Cooper, III, into the musical detritus of all the horror, awe, despair, hope, beauty, and contempt in our world.”

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23rd June – Sean Nicholas Savage / Stepan i Meduza / Bichkraft @ Closer

Worn Pop is on fire this June and for their second gig they’ve invited the beautifully peculiar Canadian musician Sean Nicholas Savage. Sean believes that music is integral and that Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune is more important than the moon landing itself. He describes music as the ‘greatest artform’, and who are we to disagree? Sean’s performance will be supported by the sugar coated Stepan i Meduza and Bichkraft.

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23rd June – M E S I V O @ Plivka

Described as a techno bridge between Kiev and Tel Aviv, Mesivo is going to cause some serious chaos in the walls of Plivka. We’ll have the opportunity to let loose to Pharaoh & Yogg, who run PARALLAX RECORDS, and if you doubt the energy they will bring upon you, then just check out their insane Boiler Room set below. Joining them will be Anna Haleta, a much loved artist and frequent guest of our dance floors, as well as Sariim, who is the advocate of Moscow’s ‘darkest’ parties known as JOY, and Diletant from M.F.F soundsystem. If that’s not enough, then add Ukraine’s rising star Nastya Muravyova, Alex Savage, Vladimir Gnatenko, and Mitya Kardash. It’s an event that is definitely worth a visit.

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29th June – Velarium: Randomer / Hodge / Paleman / Nastya Muravyova @ D12

D12 is definitely a spot that is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Kiev and it will serve as a venue to a new beguiling event Velarium [/vəˈlɛər i ə/. –an awning drawn over a theater or amphitheater as a protection from rain or the sun]. Prepare to be sheltered from the sun to the virtuosi of the United Kingdom – Randomer, Hodge, Paleman.  In addition, the charming ‘techno princess’ of Ukraine’s underground scene Nastya Muravyova will join the ‘Roman Antiquity’. 

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