Guidelines vol. IV 

All hail spring.

8th March- Entschuldigung @ Otel’ 

You know, we’ve been thinking for quite a long time now that this wonderful city lacks a darker and more industrial sound, which the fellas from ШШЦ have kindly provided. We hope that such events will happen more often, because we’re so fed up with monotony. At this techno-punk party, our ears will be delighted thanks to the side project of the beautiful Nastya Muravyova under the name of Uwama, IanDaria SokolovaXpiredBohdan Konakov, and Honky Tonky.

Entschuldigen Sie bitte, Punk ist nicht tot.

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March 12th – The Underground Youth @ Mezzanine 

Delve into a ‘dystopian hellhole’ of psychedelia of The Underground Youth within the walls of Kiev’s Mezzanine. As described by Craig Dyer, who founded the band back in 2008, the music is ‘haunting and dark but with flashes of a melancholic lightness’. As spring slowly emerges from the winter’s gloom and doom, we don’t see a better way to commemorate this happening other than in the cinematic company of shoe-gaze vibrations and, of course, our friends from tikai promo.

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March 25th – IAMX @ Atlas

We’re still not quite sure how to survive in the nightlife but we sure as hell won’t miss the electrifying force behind Chris Corner’s live performance. IAMX is alive in new light and we desire to be illuminated by it.

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April 14th – Mov – 27: Die Selektion [DE] / Kurs Valut/ Geuxx @ Closer

We were fortunate enough to witness the German trio live a year ago and we strongly advise that you don’t rob yourselves of this intoxicating and exuberant experience. Die Selektion materialized into existence in Stuttgart back in 2010, and like all of the artists in the [aufnahme + wiedergabe] community, they ignite a flicker of immense vitality with their music – it’s an inferno that sweeps through your entire being and absolves you from all your sins. On its 27th Movement Worn Pop will also treat us to performances of Kurs Valüt, a synth pop act from Dnipro, and Geuxx, the Kyiv based shoegaze/dark-wave project. The sky will explode. 

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April 21st – CXEMA @ Dovzhenko Film Studio

Prepare yourselves for an avalanche of banging sound that is going to flare up your souls with inextinguishable lava, as this years first CXEMA is on its way. Who are those in charge of this calamity? We await live shows from Container, Stanislav Tolkachev, Potreba, Sasha Very, and DJ sets by Ernestas Sadau, Jana Woodstock, Sasha Zlykh, Ponura. The architecture of the space is in the hands of Forma, whereas the spells of the lightning installation shall be cast upon us by the sorcerers of Blck Box.

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May 19th – GusGus @ Stereo Plaza

Everything about GusGus is delightfully transcending and the stage presence of Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson is simply above and beyond. Get on your dancing shoes and make sure to check out their latest album ‘Lies Are More Flexible’.

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May 19th – Strichka Festival @ Closer

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe the otherworldly atmosphere of Kiev’s Strichka Festival – a web of life. It’s a labyrinth you never grow tired of exploring, it’s a maze full of beautiful people, it’s an ecosystem where all merge into one. The ribbon weaving factory will once again transform into a music wonderland and we can’t wait to dissolve in its audiovisual magic.

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May 25th – Shortparis @ Closer

You can’t tell whether it’s a blessing or a curse to witness Shortparis live, yet you can definitely say that it’s an experience that sets your soul ablaze. With the new album on the way, Shortparis keep us in great anticipation of the divine. Their performance is a state of absolute catharsis, which we would happily confront anew.

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