Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photo: Ljubov Dzuzhynska

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In conversation with:
Jamie Stewart
Thor Harris
Christopher Pravdica

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["meow meow meow"]

What’s it like to be you?
Jamie: Oh you’re asking the wrong person. Obviously, I have absolutely no perspective on what it’s like to be me haha. I have no idea.

In your opinion, why is music such a vital element to your existence?
Jamie: As opposed to a sandwich or something like that? A lot of bad things happened to me when I was a kid and a lot of bad things happened when I was a young adult and obviously the world is a nightmare and I don’t handle stress or strong emotions very well so music is a constructive place to place all of that instead of becoming an alcoholic or something like that. It’s an incredible opportunity to organize something that would otherwise just be destructive. So there’s that element of it and that’s probably the most personal part of it and then additionally ever since I was a kid I’ve been a music fan so getting to play music is a deeper exploration of that rather than just listening to records. Those two things probably. And a chance to make something that somebody else can get something out of.

What excites you the most in the process then?
Jamie: Recording. If I would have to rate it out of 10 then I would give recording a 10 and playing live a 9. I just like it ever so slightly more.

Does the excitement fade away over time?
Jamie: Touring is a fucking drag. I’m not tired of playing but I’m really tired of touring – being in a car and being in an airport and doing the soundcheck. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. The wonderful part about music is that you can’t finish doing it. There is an endless combination of rhythms and notes and words and ideas and experiences to put into it – it’s an unsolvable puzzle. I could understand how one could run into a wall when you can’t think of anything else to do but it will never get old. It’s the most basic human expression that is fundamentally wired into your physiology, it’s a part of being a person. It’s just impossible for it to get old.

Speaking of touring, could you share a bizarre or awkward story?
Jamie: Oh fuck.

Something recent maybe.
Jamie: I think I’ve stopped drinking on tour a few years ago so since then it’s been really boring haha. Nothing crazy happens anymore because I behave on tour now.

And before that?
Jamie: Oh… There was one night when we had a night off and we were in a hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is the Midwest in the US. So I was in a bathtub and someone on the tour was taking doughnuts and ironing them on an ironing board and then throwing them into the bathtub. And then we took this plastic bag and we filled half of it with beer and the other half of it with pee. We poked a hole in it and drank the pee and the beer, while I was in the bathtub filled with doughnuts. And then at one point, my friend took a shit in my hand haha. That was pretty awkward, I suppose. Oh, and then he vomited on my butt also. It was about every disgusting thing that I could have on me other than blood, I guess. Or someone’s decapitated head. Yea… It was quite an evening.

What’s the most precious gift you’ve ever received from someone?
Jamie: I don’t know, I’m not very materialistic. Let me think of it in psychological terms. This is very corny but I suppose just the assurance of love and support from my family and my couple of really close friends.

What about the best compliment?
Jamie: Anytime anyone compliments me on my socks I feel pretty happy about it.

What is the enemy of creativity for you and how do you fight it?
Jamie: Spotify, probably. And you can’t fight it, music already lost.

What question do you hate answering the most?
Jamie: “Where does your band name come from?”.

Jamie Stewart

I know that you’re into literature and cinema, so what film or book reality would you like to live in and why?    
Jamie: That’s a good question and I never thought about that. I mean all the books I read and films I watch are really horrendous haha. I wouldn’t want to live in any of them. Not at all and not in any book I liked for sure. None of them felt like a better situation. I certainly look for something that is negatively intense in both movies and books, so it’s certainly nothing that I would want to experience in reality.

What is your weirdest habit?
Jamie: Oh fuck, I have a lot of stupid weird habits. I can’t tell you the weirdest one, it’s way too embarrassing. Hey Thor! These are really good questions, you definitely want to answer these.
Thor: I know the answer!
Jamie: The last one was ‘what is your weirdest habit?’. I still have to think of something that I could say out loud, but they’re all too weird.
Thor: Yeah, I think about habits a lot, because they are what drives our entire lives. What’s your weirdest habit, Christopher?
Chris: Shit, I don’t know. I guess saying inappropriate things.
Thor: Yeah, Christopher likes to say unspeakable things. I respect that.
Chris: I’m in favor of that habit.
Jamie: I feel like I’ve dodged that question.

If you could travel in time, future or past, where would you go and why?
Chris: I guess I would go to the future.

How far ahead?
Chris: To the end. I want to see what it’s like in the end.
Jamie: I think way into the future though.
Chris: The end of the Earth. Not even Earth, but humanity. To see how it all ends… It’s in a few days actually.
Jamie: We’ll be around to find out.
Thor: I think, actually, I would go back.
Chris: Because you are white.
Thor: Because I’m white and I’m a dude.
Chris: No black people want to go back in time.
Thor: No, that’s true. Like my type had always had it good.
Jamie: Ok, the parameter would be that we could survive in this other existence? Are we ghosts and we just observe it or we get to be who we are now and we try to adapt to the surroundings?

You get to physically be there.
Thor: Could we affect the time we go to?

Thor: Absolutely I’d go back.
Jamie: 2016.

What happened in 2016?
Jamie: Trump was elected.
Thor: I would kill him before he’d get elected.
Jamie: Yeah, I would probably do that.
Thor: Who else? I would have killed George W. Bush before he was elected too.
Jamie: Actually, if we killed George W. Bush then Trump wouldn’t have been elected.
Chris: Actually, you’d have to kill Obama because then he would definitely have not been elected.
Jamie: Basically, we could go back to every inauguration and just kill every US president.

Every single one?
Jamie: All of them have been fucking genocidal maniacs. I think it would be good to get rid of all of them.

Thor Harris

What truth have you learned after all these years you’ve lived?
Thor: You know, Jamie and I have been talking and thinking a lot about kindness and treating people well and just spreading goodwill in the world. I think that’s the best kind of legacy you can leave – in your everyday interactions with people.
Jamie: That’s a tough one for me. I’m really moody and I have a bad temper and it’s been a long arc for me to not be a jerk all the time but I think I agree with what Thor is saying. The ultimate truth to be just an attempt to be more thoughtful and kinder to people.
Thor: I think when I was younger, and I still find myself doing this, – being a judgy prick. But as I get older I’m a lot less (I hope I’m a lot less) inclined to try and teach the world how to be better, you know? It’s about fixing what’s fucked up in me.

Do you think it’s ok to be an asshole sometimes then?
Jamie: Sometimes functionally you have to.
Thor: I don’t even know if you can call that being an asshole. It’s just about being direct with people and saying, “Hey man, I want to talk to these other people so would you get out of my face?”. I sort of almost had to do that in Latvia: that Italian guy kept jumping up in my face. I didn’t do anything but I was on the verge of saying, “Hey listen, let me talk to some more people!”. We have this name for these kinds of fans that come up after a show – we call them ‘the Punisher’. It’s a person who gets in your face and just won’t go away. There’s one in Canada.
Jamie: Oh yeah, I know.
Thor: He just will not leave you alone after a show and you want to say hi to as many people as you can.
Jamie: There is one really good solution that a friend of mine taught me: you just pretend that you’re falling asleep. It takes a surprisingly long time to work but it gives you a moment to just relax.
Chris: I never have any trouble controlling those people. They’re easily controlled.
Jamie: That’s because you’re tall.
Chris: You know what works? Simple words like, “I’m leaving now, see you in a minute, see you later, bye.”
Thor: That’s pretty good.

See you never.
Chris: That’s the part where I’m being nice so that they think it’s an invitation to see them in a minute. But then when I see them later I go: “Hey. Goodbye!”.

To what extent do you care about what others think of you?
Jamie: One of the only positives about being alive for a little while, – and I think this is true for almost everybody who has been alive for a little while, – you really stop giving a fuck. It’s an incredible burden lifted. I mean all musicians are insane vain ego-maniacs, but you get less and less like that as time goes on. So probably at this point less than I ever had. I still obviously care to an extent but it’s an extraordinarily waste of energy and time. There’s nothing good about it.
Thor: Also as we get older, enough people have decided that this guy is really nice and upfront, but if somebody doesn’t like me then it’s kind of like, ‘look, I have a really good track record, you better check the internet, because I read that I’m a really nice guy’.
Chris: I was never too bothered about that.
Thor: Everybody likes Chris.
Chris: I care about what people think but not too much. I don’t care about what people want. I don’t care about what I want. Most people really shouldn’t give a shit about what they want so much. I care a little bit but never had a problem with caring too much.

Christopher Pravdica

What is your personal definition of beauty?   
Chris: The website? YouTube?

Beauty haha.
Chris: Oh, I thought you said YouTube haha.

That would be a good question though.
Jamie: Apples. They look pretty good.
Thor: When you tour, you go to all these man-made places, like city centers. I think what most artists are inspired by is nature. There are some beautiful man-made things but in general everything natural is beautiful. I mean the premise of Buddhism is that: “Look dumbass, you’re stressing out but there’s beauty all around you, so that’s on you”. What I think that means is that if you’re in the natural world then there’s nothing to get stressed out about really; you’re surrounded by a beautiful world that you’re perfectly adapted for. Natural beauty is all around us and we’ve gotten really good at fucking it up.
Jamie: The sort of driving chaos of trees or something like that (I think) and knowing that it’s completely impossible to understand or really get into it is in some way incredibly touching and pretty remarkable. It’s probably the only genuinely nice thing about being human – getting to look at that flower or whatever and not being able to fully absorb it but still be touched by it. That’s nice.
Chris: I’d be more comfortable talking about YouTube than about beauty and nature. If there is an expert on beauty I’m the farthest away you could get from that person. I don’t know anything about beauty.

What about ugliness?
Chris: That I know about! I like ugliness because it reminds you that not everything is beautiful. I think I like to kick beauty in the face with something ugly every once in a while. Ugly feelings are good. It’s so sad though because some people are just really really ugly and you see it and there’s no interpreting that. They just have a messed up face and messed up body.
Jamie: Hahaha.
Chris: They’re not beautiful anymore.

What’s the last film that impressed you?
Thor: Shape of Water.
Jamie: Capernaum.
Chris: The Light Between Oceans. About a lighthouse keeper and they find a baby, it’s a really sad story. I teared a lot.

There’s this film by Yorgos Lanthimos ‘The Lobster’, where single people are meant to find a partner in 45 days, and if they don’t, they must choose an animal to transform into. What animal would you choose?
Chris: Orca.
Jamie: That’s a good one.
Thor: I don’t know.
Chris: You wouldn’t want to be a dog? Camel? Leatherback turtle?
Jamie: Orangutan?
Chris: Jellyfish?
Thor: An orangutan?
Chris: That’s so human though.
Thor: That would mean I would want to be a human that doesn’t know that it’s going to die and doesn’t have all this existential fucking…
Chris: You could teach them. They could understand death. It’s the saddest thing because they don’t and then you teach them and it ruins everything.
Jamie: So is that your choice Thor?
Thor: Well I don’t know, you guys have talked me out of it. I think a flying animal would be awesome.
Jamie: A pterodactyl?
Thor: Yeah, a pterodactyl would do.
Jamie: Does it have to be a real animal or can it be a fantasy?

Let’s go with fantasy too.
Chris: [whispers] Chewbacca.
Jamie: Yeah, I guess Chewbacca.
Thor: Oh yeah, I would be into that. He’s so noble.
Jamie: He’s a good driver.

What’s your advice on how to cope with the reoccurring unbearable shittiness of being?
Thor: Buddhism 101: you’re surrounded by beauty. So what the fuck.
Jamie: And ugliness. You might as well just see what happens and accept the fact that it’s terrible. I think when I accepted the fact that I had really terrible depression and life is really fucking stupid it bothered me less because I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong. I just realized, ‘oh that’s just a fact, it’s not me, it’s what existence is’. Then I just got less annoyed by it.
Chris: Doesn’t music do that for you?
Thor: The obvious answer.
Jamie: Yeah, the obvious answer is music.
Thor: Music gives us all meaning.
Jamie: Absolutely.
Chris: Music, video games.
Thor: I was around 9, and I don’t know how old these guys were, but it was like, ‘wow, music!’. I was actually 6 when I got my first Jackson 5 record and thought that this is not boring and all the rest of life is boring.
Jamie: I was possessed by it.
Thor: That sound that was coming out of that 45…
Chris: Blows you away with this fascination and wonderment.
Jamie: Yes, it’s physical and emotional, psychological and social, creative and destructive. It rules.
Chris: The best way to deal with the unbearable cruelty of being is to ignore it, so it’s about finding those things that help you ignore it.
Jamie: That are in some way both constructive and destructive.
Chris: Video games do the trick for me.

Do you have any favorite ones?
Chris: Right now I have one I’m embarrassed to talk about.
Jamie: Just say it.
Chris: I play a game that everyone hated, like religiously. Star Wars Battlefront II. It got panned really hard but it spoke to me. It’s the first social video game that I’ve done. I’ve never played with other people before. I played video games since Atari and I was a little kid, but not online and I’ve never ‘connected’ with other people. It’s the first one I did and it blew my mind. When I play the world seems like a good place actually – the fact that you can just do that – plug into your toys and play with them and have fun for like two hours and the day is looking good after that.

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would your answer be?
Chris: This is for your future research. I have a feeling that this question is not the question that we would like to be asked haha.
Jamie: I guess the question would be, ‘Would you rather have five boobs or three dicks?”.
Thor: Whoa!

What’s your answer?
Jamie: I have to answer it too?! Fuck.
Thor: You write the question.
Jamie: I think we have to change it slightly. We all come up with a question that the other person has to answer.
Chris: Oh boy. Five boobs or three dicks, Thor?
Thor: Like I get to choose one of these two…
Jamie: On your body.
Thor: Three dicks.
Chris: I don’t see how boobs would look good on you.
Thor: People with boobs are like, “urgh, wish I didn’t have these boobs.”
Chris: If you could make them disappear and make them come back when you want them then it would be ok.
Jamie: Yeah, when they’re absorbable.
Thor: I mean both would be cool.
Chris: What would you do with the boobs and what would you do with the three dicks? I mean I know what you would do with the dicks but what would you do with the boobs? Just look in the mirror?
Thor: Dicks and clits are the same things, right? So you can have three dicks or three clits. It’s the same thing! That’s where the real joy comes from. Boobs are just ‘look at these, don’t you want some of this?!’
Jamie: But you get to do this x5 though.
Thor: Ok, so all that’s doing is saying, ‘come over here so that you can service my one dick’, but you have other ways like charm or wit or something.
Jamie: If you have charm and wit.
Chris: And if you get more than three boobs it really starts to look like teats, like an animal’s. With three you could get away with, and people have it, it does exist.
Jamie: So your answer is three dicks?
Thor: Yeah. Or three clits, whatever.
Jamie: The thing about dicks is that they take a lot of space and clits are pretty portable.
Thor: Two clits and a dick.
Jamie: I mean, it wouldn’t affect your day to day existence and no one would know. But if you had three dicks or you had five boobs it would affect your normal socialness. There’s no way you could really hide that.
Thor: It would be easier to hide three dicks. Or two clits and a dick. And then you’d be like, “hey I’m a normal dude, but ACTUALLY… if you’re into clits I have two!”
Chris: It’s a dick question all along. Do you want three small-ish ones or one way too big one?
Jamie: Oh… Well, way too big is pointless. It’s probably fascinating to look at. How small is small?
Thor: OK! What’s the greatest thing our crappy species has come up with?
Chris: A large penis?
Thor: No. Or is that your answer? This is a new question.
Chris: Oh ok, I see now, you’re asking a question.
Thor: A new question not related to three dicks and five boobs. It’s pretty easy to say what are the worst things we’ve come up with – atomic bombs, burning fossil fuels.
Chris: An atomic bomb is a pretty awesome achievement.
Thor: Sure, in a way. Yet it’s pretty dark too.
Chris: Where it can go is dark but it’s still an unbelievable human achievement.
Thor: Yeah, in some ways. Ok, maybe that’s your answer but what are, let’s say, the best three things we’ve come up with?
Chris: I don’t know. Soap?
Jamie: Soap is super useful.
Chris: Soap is good.
Jamie: Bricks.
Thor: Bricks?
Jamie: The S trap plumbing.
Thor: That’s a good one. What about the bicycle?
Jamie: They’re great.
Chris: The boomerang is pretty fascinating.
Thor: I’ve never gotten one to work. But you know how bad I am at throwing.
Chris: I think that soap is kind of the best thing that’s been invented. It solves so many problems. And with it, you need plumbing to go along with. Soap and plumbing.
Jamie: And really nice soap is really nice. When I was younger and incredibly broke I thought that my life would be complete when I could buy expensive soap. It’s something I indulge in now – really nice soap.
Chris: Mine is a nice chair.
Jamie: That’s a good one.
Thor: Do you have a nice chair now?
Chris: I’m going to get sad and cry but I’m pretty sure I’m going to die without a nice chair.
Jamie: I don’t think you’re going to die without a nice chair haha.
Thor: You have to tell me what a nice chair means.
Chris: Like one that costs money, that’s not free. It’s well built: whether it’s a big cushiony one or one of those super expensive plastic metal chairs that people sit on.
Thor: What about a wood chair that’s comfortable?
Chris: Just like a wooden chair?
Thor: Yeah.
Chris: I wouldn’t consider a wooden chair.
Thor: A really comfortable one.
Chris: How can a wooden chair be comfortable?
Jamie: If it’s done right. All those Herman Miller chairs are made out of wood.
Chris: I don’t think I can sit in a wooden chair. My nerves are too sensitive for sitting on a hard chair. I need a cushion.
Jamie: You just need a bean bag.
Thor: Or a hammock.
Chris: Or those things that used to be hung in the 70s.
Jamie: All right, what’s your question?
Chris: Oh shit man, I don’t know. I’ve never really been interviewed enough to even think about what I would want to be asked.
Jamie: But you’ve had some good answers.
Chris: Yeah, that I can come up with. Should I just make something up?

Chris: What was the worst dream you’ve ever had?
Jamie: That’s a good question.
Chris: I don’t have an answer haha.
Jamie: I have to answer this? Two nights ago I had three different dreams: one of them was about fire shooting out of my computer and burning up my studio, the other one was about a power transformer in my backyard burning down my house, and then the other one was about a different power transformer down the street from my house burning up my neighborhood haha.

Fire walk with me.
Jamie: Yeah, apparently. It was weird. That’s a terrible answer.
Chris: It’s a good one.
Jamie: Well ok. It sucked and it was great being awake after that.
Chris: I love that feeling. It’s like bungee jumping when you’re actually glad to be alive.
Thor: I have this kind of depression that I’m really free of most of the time and I’m really fun and fun to be around, but sometimes I have this depression where I feel tiny and as if I’m in a burning metal room. I can dream that I’m in that state. It always goes away eventually and I do a lot of things to keep it away but sometimes I can just dream that I’m in that state.
Chris: That must suck.
Thor: Yes! It super sucks because it’s like an altered state, as if you took acid or something, only it’s a natural horrific mental state that my brain is capable of going into. So that’s my worst dream.
Jamie: I had a dream where I killed my nephew. That was really bad.
Thor: And you really love your nephew.
Jamie: I’m really close to my nephew too. It fucked me up. I felt physically sick when I woke up.
Chris: I had to kill a kid in a dream once too. It was horrible, I cried the whole way through. Liberace made me do it.
Jamie: What?!
Chris: Yeah it was at his party and he took me aside. It was a whole mafia thing and he told me that if I want to hang out then he has a problem that needs to be solved. I didn’t want to do it but all of Liberace’s goons made me do it and I cried the entire time. I woke up feeling sick, like the feeling when you first see a killing in a movie when you’re a kid. What are your worst dreams?

Don’t ever remember them.
Thor: I don’t remember mine either, usually.
Chris: Ever?

Chris: I think you’re avoiding the question because they’re too personal to answer.

We’re better at asking than answering. So if you had to choose between sex and music what would it be?
Chris: Like you have to give one up and only one could remain?

Thor: I’d give up music.
Jamie: I don’t know.
Chris: Really?
Jamie: Well, I mean, I’ve had a lot of sex.
Chris: I can imagine life without music, but it’s hard to imagine life without sex.
Jamie: Fuck, I don’t know.
Chris: Would music not exist at all or we wouldn’t be able to participate in it?
Jamie: You mean I can’t be in a band? Yeah, fuck it, I’d give up music, there’s other stuff to do.
Thor: What about you, music or sex? That means you can’t masturbate too.

I would stick to music.
Chris: Do you make music? |

Chris: Well then it’s a different discussion. Would you give up asking questions or sex?
Jamie: Hahaha.

I would give up sex haha.
Jamie: I think if you were into sex and you stopped having it then it would make you go crazy. I think I could push whatever drive I have in music and put it into gardening or shit like that. I don’t know.
Chris: Sex is irreplaceable to me. How do you connect with anyone? Do you just connect with people by being in a room with them? And talk? Forever?

You can say “see you later” and leave. If you could switch genders for 24 hours what would you do with the time?
Jamie: Fuck, if I could switch genders forever I would.
Chris: Freaky Friday for one day?
Jamie: If I could turn a knob and switch a gender then I would do it. It’s just sort of so close. I can deal with being a guy, it’s fine, it’s not really how God made me, but urgh, it’s ok. But if I could snap my fingers and be a woman I would.
Chris: And not for 24 hours?
Jamie: No, I think if I could do it forever I would do it forever. But it seems like such a hassle. I’m too lazy to do it haha.

Yeah, all those boobs.
Jamie: Yeah, I’d have to like install five extra boobs and whatever. So it’s fine, I’ll stick to this.
Thor: God, I don’t know what I would do.
Chris: The first obvious thing is to do every sexual thing you can do to yourself and just figure that out. That would take an hour or two? Just to test it all out. Then I’d wear something to be noticed and then I’d want to walk around and see what it’s like and how people look at you, how people talk to you and what the world looks like.

So you want to be a beautiful woman.
Chris: I mean I assume I would be a beautiful woman. If I was an ugly woman it kind of defeats the premise because then you’re missing out on that whole other aspect of how everyone treats you. It would be fascinating to see what it’s like to go through life as a beautiful woman. Even for a day. After the sex stuff though. I guess I would want to have sex with another woman. I don’t know if I’d want to be sexed by a guy at that point. I would try it I guess. It would have to be a very special guy.
Jamie: Like corky?
Chris: Someone who can talk a good game and convince me that it’s the right thing to do.
Jamie: Robin Williams?
Chris: Robin Williams could totally do it.
Thor: I don’t know what I would do as a woman.
Chris: You put a mirror on the floor and you get naked.
Jamie: You have to see what you’re dealing with. It’s all new.
Thor: I really don’t know, I don’t have an answer to that.

Can you share the most absurd piece of information you currently possess?
Chris: From the most recent ones I just keep thinking about how extreme Hindus would kill people that they think eat beef.
Thor: Wow.
Chris: I think that the epitome of absurdity. They’re not even sure, they just think. DEAD.
Jamie: Do you know what a lamprey is? It lives in the ocean and it looks like this soft long thing but it has a mouth full of teeth. I heard that you can use a lamprey as a necktie, so if you pick up a lamprey and you just stick it onto your throat there’s enough blood there that it would just stick there. So then you can just put on a suit and go to work and use a lamprey as a tie.
Thor: I know it’s absurd but I have this feeling (I’m not sure if I could do it), and it comes sort of from a dream, that what keeps us from flying is a false notion that we can’t fly. I think if we would figure out something then we could just suddenly catch the wind and fly.
Chris: Catch the wind or just think yourself up? Like when Superman wants to go faster.
Jamie: He just sort of furrows his brow.
Thor: I know it’s absurd and poorly thought through. I don’t know how we can do it but in a way I sort of think we can fly, we just think we can’t. When I have flying dreams I always think, “oh man, I wish I’d known I could do this all along”. But I don’t fly high, it’s usually 4 meters off the ground, maybe 5.
Chris: I have dreams like that, it’s always the same: I go way too high and I have the same feeling of ‘wow, I can do that and I can move around so easily’. And then I realize, “Holy shit, I’m way too fucking high”. Then I fall and wake up right before I hit the ground.
Thor: I don’t believe in God or ghosts, but I think we could fly if we’d just unlock that part of us.
Chris: That’s pretty absurd.

And last question: what was the wisest thing you’ve ever heard in your life?
Chris: I heard ‘wackest’. What’s the wackest shit you’ve ever heard.
Thor: I think I’ve mentioned it. It comes from Buddhism and it’s something like: “You’re so fucking sad but look around you – there’s beauty all around you all the time”. I don’t entirely believe that either because depression is real, it’s a disease and you can’t just wish it away. It doesn’t work that way at all. But I do think that there is wisdom in that. Stop taking yourself so seriously.
Chris: I love that one. My answer would be entropy.
Thor: It’s an English word that we don’t use often but it means how everything is a big part of nature and it decays: it’s born, it grows up, and it starts decaying.
Chris: All things in order come to disorder. End of story.
Thor: When you’re young you maybe wish you could make things last forever and turn back the hands of time but as you get older you more and more accept that everything is rotting and falling apart around you, all your friends are dying… But that’s what they do. It’s just how this place renews itself. I hate bringing things back to some sort of political level but as you get older you start to think that if you were going to change the world or make it a better place, then you would’ve done it by now, but somewhere younger needs to figure out all these problems. I’ll do what I can certainly but I do feel that often in the world we’re just waiting for this shitty last generation to die off so that we can stop electing these idiots, you know. But that’s part of entropy and how things are renewed.
Chris: Till there is nothing left to renew and entropy wins in the end.
Thor: Who knows if there is an end.
Chris: Entropy breaks everything down. It may not be the end-end but it will be the end of this universe, which is solid enough to be considered as the end of everything. The heat death of the universe. Entropy is above thermodynamics, it’s a physics law of heat. Everything that gets hot eventually has to get cold. It can’t stay hot forever and the universe will eventually have no more heat left. And everything will be dead.

Your thoughts Jamie?
Jamie: There is absolutely nothing to say haha. What’s the point?
Thor: According to Chris there is nowhere to go.
Chris: My back up answer was going to be about reverbs.
Thor: Pack enough socks.
Jamie: Always tour with enough strings.
Chris: Always tour with two leather straps because if one gets sweaty it will ruin your shirt with the stinky leather.
Jamie: Put the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub. All of the things stated are an attempt to stave off entropy.
Chris: My life is all about staving off entropy. Keeping order.
Thor: We’re going to walk to the part of old town, do you want to join us?