Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photo: Marta Michalak

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What excites you the most in what you do?
What excites me the most is being able to connect with so many strangers through music. I know it’s such a cliche but this moment of being focused on music, putting yourself out there and just hearing people enjoy it/scream it’s my favorite thing about it. My body doesn’t react to traveling that well, so visiting new places is unfortunately not really as exciting to me. But that moment of meeting these strangers, sometimes really far in places like Chile or Argentina, feeling like you’re already bonded, like you’re already friends- that’s what’s most special for me.
Another special aspect is going to a bit less developed places, when parties are not a given, people don’t have big room techno superstars every weekend and feeling like they really want to be there to enjoy this couple of hours with you and dance like their life depends on it lol – that’s my favorite view ever.

How do you think, what impression do you make when people meet you for the very first time?
Oh, it depends on the circumstances. In general, I’m pretty sure people think I’m major bitch hehe, basically I just know what I want and fight for myself. At parties, I’m really focused sometimes, serious about the technical issues, know what I want and need to give the best performance, usually also pretty tired so I might come off as cranky or distanced. What I am is actually a little angel, but a quite distant and not willing to open up so easily. I try to smile more, cause my politeness with a grumpy grin on my face doesn’t really work so well lol. Also, People usually see right away that I’m a clown as well. Which is true. A sad clown though lol.

How different would you say your life was a year ago? What are some of the coolest things that happened?
These are nice and refreshing questions!
It’s really different in order of how my everyday life is looking – where I’m living, how I spend my days, who I talk to every day. But it’s also really similar in many ways. Even when I was playing just in Poland- you go to different cities every weekend, meet tons of new people and try to entertain them. Only now the distances between the cities are bigger, people speak different languages and the parties are a bit more impressive sometimes. I was always a bit shy and not the most outgoing person ever- but touring intensively made me overcome some of that and meet the most amazing people on the other sides of the world (recently made a friend for life in Buenos Aires). I got to visit many places, but it’s not sightseeing that I appreciate the most but that moment you come to a place after a long tiring travel and you see people are really excited to see you.

What is one thing about you that would surprise us?
My dating life 😉 spoiler alert: it’s NOTSPFDJ haha. Also how insanely deeply care about my closest friends and how close I am with my mum – wherever I go I FaceTime her and make videos just to show what I’m up to. I even added her to ‘my friends’ on iPhone so she can always locate me and sleep peacefully lol. Also, I’m a huge Kardashians fan lmao.

What interests you outside of music currently?
I’m a bit of a foodie- veggie foodie to be exact so that’s how I spend my free time- mostly looking for new places serving veggie ramen, beyond burgers or other shit. I also really like plants- in Warsaw, I used to have more than a hundred in my apartment. I’m also really interested in maintaining that gorgeous youthful face hehe (even though my head is half grey already) so I’m quite obsessed with skincare.

What is the enemy of creativity and how do you overcome it?
The enemy of creativity, in my opinion, is getting stuck with recreating the same and same patters previous generation came up with. Everyone starts somewhere and that’s how often we learn-by recreating things. But there comes a moment when it’s our job to mix things up, try something new, even though people might hate on you for that at first. Another thing is becoming happy and satisfied with your work – of course, you have to let things go at some point, but I don’t think you should ever feel like now you know it all and feel comfortable, there’s always so much more to learn and comfort is the biggest enemy of that.

How is your personality a trauma and how is it a blessing?
It’s a blessing because I’m super focused and goal-oriented – I don’t stop till I achieve my goals. I never dream about things (well maybe accept from like a trip to the moon) but instead, I just make plans. It’s a trauma cause I have problems falling asleep cause I’m planning, plotting about world takeover hehe and overthinking stuff. My plans, vision, and ideas are so far advanced that sometimes it’s hard to let go of stuff, especially while collaborating on stuff. I’m working on that though!

You’ve mentioned how the state of the world drives for releasing frustration through harder tempos. Do you think it’s a way of escapism that works temporarily or is it rather something therapeutic and healing?
This is one of a few answers that I don’t have. I don’t think the world situation and ‘the times’ will get better or more peaceful any time soon. People say these faster and harder fringes of techno are just a phase that will collapse soon, I think don’t take the factor of social situation in this though. I’d love to chill and listen to disco on the beach but that’s not how I feel atm and not how many people feel. I’ve been bullied by the older generation knowing everything better and making us just follow their lead, as a society by governments and politicians, as a woman, as a human. It crushed me so many times and made me miserable for really long periods of my life, made me also kinda dead inside at this point, haha now I’m done being a victim. I want my anger to go into music instead of acting out and this has been helpful a lot. I think that’s why I get to be so calm, patient and respectful of others in the everyday life – cause I have a way to let go off all the anger and negativity. I feel like many people feel like that.

What is the best gig or party you’ve ever attended as a viewer? Could you describe the experience?
I think all the herrensauna parties are pretty special and spectacular. On more of a low key note, I really miss Brutaż parties in Warsaw. The other thing I really love is Unsound festival. To be honest, nowadays there are 3 parties a week for me so I don’t remember that much sometimes haha and haven’t been to a good party when I wasn’t playing in a while. I experienced plenty while playing recently though, like Possesion in Paris, my recent gig in Santiago, Chile, De School in Amsterdam was mad, I also love all the Saule parties I went to/played at.

What recent trend annoys you the most?
I’m actually pretty chill and way less judgmental everyone would assume haha. I really mind my own business and my dream is that people would do the same- if something doesn’t interest u, just skip it, change the channel, look away. Because of the internet, people feel like everything is directed at them and they are entitled to an opinion on everything. I’ve come a long way to get to this place but now I live by a rule: live and let others live. What annoys me, in general, is cruelty, exploitation of younger artists, conformism, bad manners, racism, homophobia, etc.

Having moved away from Poland, what are some of the small things that you really miss? And the things that you don’t?
Of course, I miss my family and friends, I have to start with that for sure, but that’s quite a big thing. I miss the restaurants in Warsaw, I miss my fav nitro coffee place. I miss Jasna1, the club I’m a resident at and just popping in for a Jager shot when my friends are playing. I miss my favorite water- MUSZYNIANKA. The vegetables taste different there as well. And also the lake/forest region Mazury where my mum is from. Pierogies. Prices. The mountains. My old doggo Rozi.
I don’t miss the political situation that affects the everyday vibe, I don’t miss being afraid of seeing a policeman on a street. I also don’t miss clapping on airplanes.

What are your thoughts on the still existing stereotype (at least in the slavic part of the world) that female friendship does not exist?
I totally needed to grow up and only not that long ago I realized how important female friendship is. I was brought up in a society that kinda turns women against each other, constantly comparing them and making them compete. It was quite recently when I realized how much we can gain from supporting each other and how female support can be the most powerful one u can have (as another female). People think it’s cute or funny when they compare you to some other female, (DJ in my case), even though you do completely different things but for example, you’re both east European. It’s really frustrating and I don’t blame women competing with each other and even being slightly toxic but the society who’s putting us in this position. We’re getting there though, I feel like things are changing.

What’s coming up for you?
Hopefully a really happy life, full of adventures, warm people, better health and beautiful experiences of doing this ridiculous and amazing job of playing tracks to strangers. More sleep hopefully as well

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