Editor-in-chief Playboy Ukraine

Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photo: Yegor Honcharov

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What’s it like to be you?
It’s very hard to be me. I ‘self-devour’ and I’m not good at being in my own sense of self. That is, I give in to self-criticism way more than anyone else. That’s the severity of it. There is no acknowledgment that everything is good, that I am cool, smart, ugly, fulfilled, and so on. I ask myself all these questions. It seems to me that the most important thing is to get rid of things like cowardice, lying to oneself, and soulful procrastination. It’s important to be able to tell yourself that you are an asshole in some matters, or vice versa – to praise yourself without hesitation. It doesn’t work with self-praise that much in my case, yet with everything else, there are no limitations.

As editor-in-chief of Playboy, you’ve seen a countless amount of women. What is the most attractive aspect of a woman for you? Are you tiresome from the beauty of a female body?
I will say a banal thing, yet  

last month marked 10 years of my position as editor-in-chief at Playboy. Never has any boob or buttcheek impressed as much as the mind can. 

These are really commonplace words but that’s how it turns out. Although I have not that many, yet I have a number of female friends who have conquered all the Playboy issues long ago. We share a lot in common with them, because we’ve found common grounds. When people joke with a nod or it just takes a single look at one another – it’s worth a lot. When there are people who support you – it’s absolutely fantastic. But returning to my answer to this question is that it’s not a swimsuit, not a bikini, not a D breast size – it’s only those experiences and connections that I’ve mentioned above.

What is your personal perception of beauty?
For me, a person is beautiful when it feels warm to sit with him. What I mean is that external beauty to me is pretty much meaningless. If a person is beautiful but boring, I would rather leave instead of verbally nurturing his or her external beauty. It’s not interesting. 

Beauty is the baggage that a person carries. It may be in excess, just like extra luggage at the airport, and thus you have to pay for it, and nothing can be done about it.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or experienced in your life?
Eyes that look at you with curiosity. The cape at Cabo da Roca. All the dogs in the world. Some films, which subsequently leave you restless for a few days. When the plane breaks through the clouds and you see the first ray of the sun, which is always there above the clouds. Music is sometimes the supplier of my insomnia. There is so much beauty around, so just go out and look around.

What trend of modern society infuriates or perhaps even scares you?
Faces lit by phones when you sit at a table with people. I find myself thinking that sometimes I just pick up the phone and make automatic movements of scrolling through the feed. What did you actually do? What have you seen? Why are you clogging your head with nonsense? It annoys me that it’s easier for people to communicate through social networks. I speak like an old man, although, admittedly, I don’t like meeting and talking with people. It’s a cool idea to avoid calling and instead conveying information via text. Talking on the phone is probably only for conversations with a small and certain number of people, as it seems to me. But what do we get when scrolling through a Facebook feed? To be honest, no one cares about how everyone else is doing. As a matter of fact, lately, Facebook has been a mental garbage pit full of complaints, political statements, and whining.

What about the new generation, do you think they need Playboy or are they too spoiled by the excessive information and accessibility of the internet?
They don’t need Playboy, they don’t need magazines and press at all. It’s a fact. They don’t even know what’s it like to physically go and buy a magazine. Yet this niche will not die out. As we can see, vinyl records are back in trend. Books will always exist, even though electronic books win more points. When cinema emerged after the theater, people doubted it and thought it was nonsense. Nonetheless, both the cinema and the theater exist. There is also good music and noble magazines. It will be a crafty lamp story. And it’s an interesting story. There won’t be sales of 150 thousand magazines like before, yet we will keep our stable 15 thousand. That’s how I think, at least.  

What about the fast-growing trend of body positivity? Will it be represented on the cover of Playboy sometime in the future?
Body positivity? We’ve done many different covers but never a representative of body-positivity. Depends who this person is. Olga Sumskaya? I love her with my entire heart. And what is body-positive? Someone who looks in the mirror at his or her body and laughs frantically? Like, “Ahahaha my little body, ahahah”. No, we won’t do that.

A woman far beyond her 90s with untouched vegetation on her body and so on.
That is the exact woman I just…  

What happens if you encounter the body-positivity and female rights justice warriors?
Nothing. Nothing good nor bad. It makes no sense for them to make such an encounter. Both the magazine and I are not the substance that can be approached in this regard. We move separately as a different species and we separate ourselves. We do not intersect, like aphids and caterpillars; they live their separate lives and do not bother each other. Or like a baby elephant and a mouse.

Could you name a photographer that you like?
Oh, that’s a good question. There was a photographer from St. Petersburg – the late Boris Smelov. His St. Petersburg is so Balabanov-esque. It’s a pity that he laid to rest, being frozen during the harsh winter of St. Petersburg. He drank a lot, obviously. Sheila Metzner is very cool. Kyiv’s Nikolai Trokh was frantic. Of our other photographers: Sergey Sarakhanov who is an excellent portrait photographer. Sonya Plakidyuk, Sasha Morderer, Dima Baranov (who often shoots our covers), Zhenya Luzan, Vitalik Rudenko, Ruslan Lobanov – I basically listed the main pool of Playboy photographers, otherwise I would get into trouble afterward. By the way, you know firsthand how difficult it is to work with erotic photography. A lot of people are around you, light, screams, hassle – and you are there standing and trying to be so erotic and inaccessible and portraying passion. The guys mentioned are able to capture the most important aspects.

I understand what you mean. Dima and I [ed. note – Dmitry Komissarenko, the co-founder of Aught Magazine] undressed models who haven’t done it previously.
With their consent or without? Haha.

Haha, some even like it.
I’m sure you agree that taking pictures, goofing around, just like we’ve done it just now for this interview, is one thing. Taking pictures of a naked person is an entirely other matter. Some photographers told me how they’ve photographed a naked couple, and then they crossed the line by being invited into the picture. Anything can happen. Life is fun.

Do you know Ivaskiv? He shot for Vogue, did covers for XXL and so on. Perhaps he is my favorite among our photographers. No one is as good as him in fashion photography. For my taste.
For real? I don’t know him, but I’ll definitely check out his work. Oh, how did I forget Roma Pashkovsky! He’s a master. Masha Oz is a talented girl who is good at her craft.

What if we look world-scale?
From the top of my mind: Ren Hang, who recently passed away (after all, I do like crazy), Sebastian Salgado, Henri Cartier-Bresson (I hope the choice here is clear), Patrick Demarchelier, Eugene Richards, Wim Wenders (yes), Walker Evans, and so on.

Are you familiar with Rahi Rezvani? He shot music videos for Editors and he also photographed for Versace, Gucci, Jaguar etc.
Oh, wait. Let me have a look [looks it up on the phone] Ah, of course. He is an invincible man in his endeavors.

I highly recommend you check out Rala Choi, he is a South Korean photographer.
Will do. Roma Pashkovsky suggested I have a look at Masao Yamamoto. Check out his work, you will not regret it. Asians, like no one else, really know how to convey meaning.

I really like the thought rooted in the film Arrival. “Language determines the way you think.” Asians have a very polite language, which includes a whole hierarchical system of polite words addressed to other people. They plant meaning in everything, even in the birth name.  I love Asia and have been interested in their culture since childhood. Actually, I’m …
An Asian haha. But yes, it’s a good theory. 

We recently had an interview with Vladimir Petrov. He talked about how you gave him a book for his birthday which consisted of his articles and posts on LiveJournal with the message: “When will you finally write your book?!”. What do you think his book will be about?
Vova is a person of tragedy, who hides it under the guise of a profound merry fellow. Therefore, it seems to me that the book will be in that manner. A fairy tale about a hedgehog with a bunny, but they will have to deal with drama.

Like all intelligent people, he carries a sense of anguish. Yet this anguish does not arise because you have nothing to do, but because you roughly understand how everything works and what will happen next.

And it will be called “Vladimir Vladimirovich“. He’s a PR pro after all. 

Who else should write a book out of the people you know?
Someone rightfully said: 

«If you can’t write – don’t».

Those who already write successfully should keep on doing it. My poet Vera Polozkova writes skillfully, she digs at you with words in such a way that she can easily sit in the corner of her house and catch her breath. Then there is my friend Sergey Lokshin, who writes poems for KAZKA (поплакала и знов” – all that stuff). He already wrote one, but let him write some more. Let’s think about what it’s like to write a book. What do you want to fix in your reality, in your life? It’s so easy to write a book now. We are not Joseph Brodsky and not Sergei Dovlatov. To document what is happening to you – nobody really cares about that. For example, Nikita Kravtsov, who is an artist that lives in Paris, created an antidepressant coloring book [ed, note: link to the book]. This new genre is now popular in England, America. I like it. I will send it to you. He created a drawing, and I wrote a certain phrase, with subtle emphasis. This is a genre that is becoming trendy.

What book would you write?
It would tell the story of a boy who was blind his entire life and then sought an opportunity to have eyesight. He was shocked by what was happening and lost his mind. Something like that.

You’ve had an interview for ZIK at the beginning of which you were quoted that you think that glossy journalism is when people who have the opportunity to touch Brioni, Ferrari and a beautiful female breast tell those who can never afford it, what a “beautiful life” truly is. But in fact, the editors of magazines can’t quite afford that kind of lifestyle. What is this “beautiful life” then?
It depends on what we mean by this definition. Living in a village and harvesting your own crops is also beautiful in its own way. I pick raspberries with joy when I’m in a village. I flew in private jets, visited various people on their yachts. I know what a good holiday is. I understand how to beautifully spend 100 thousand dollars. Something like that even happened in Moscow. I was not the one spending it, it was my friend haha. It’s important to note that for the interview. Yet I would not call it beautiful.

A life filled with beauty is when you wake up at 8-10 in the morning, drink your coffee next to someone who shares your popular and unpopular values… like heroin haha. This interview is going to be fucked up. I’m already hammered haha.

So am I haha. Speaking of fucked up. We always research people prior to interviews, as to not repeat questions (you know the drill) so that it wouldn’t get boring.
So far you haven’t asked a single banal nor stupid question. This is cool.

We had an interview with XIU XIU. Elena asked Jamie to share an awkward or crazy story from times on tour. So one evening in Minnesota, they got drunk, he decided to take a bath, someone ironed donuts on an ironing board and threw the doughnuts at him while he was bathing. Then they filled a plastic bag with urine and beer, poked a hole drank it all. When he was lying naked on the bed, someone took a shit on his hand and in the end, someone puked on his ass.
He should be my friend. Well… so what haha. Someone shit in a hand, big deal haha. Taking a shit in a hand – great. 

Back to the interview. What’s the flip side of fame?
There is no fame really. Generally, people are friends with you because of your position. They’re not friends with Vlad Ivanenko, they’re friends with the editor-in-chief of Playboy. You acknowledge that this is all a little far-fetched story. The flip side is when you can stay in for 3 days, read Michel Welbeck’s new book and ignore all the calls because sometimes you simply want to be in the company of yourself. You don’t have to smile to random people at parties and can behave the way you do when you’re not in a crowd. Basically, it’s all so made up and theatrical. “All these mistresses, actresses, idle wise men”, as Vera Polozkova wrote. You get tired of the emptiness of all things happening within that reality.

What are the pros and cons of journalism?
Once you decide to work as a journalist, you doom yourself to a rather strange position. If you are a political journalist, you supposedly have to get to the bottom of the truth, seek it, and so on. If you are a journalist of show business, well, what the hell happened to you if you are interested in how a singer like Vinnik lives his life. Are you really interested in what he does?! It seems to me that journalism has ceased to be aware of things, as a profession it doesn’t know what is happening. Such journalists don’t exist anymore. I love Alexander Nevzorov, when he did his “600 seconds” in St. Petersburg – that is journalism. When you are not multifaceted, but you are wholesome. Try finding something like that here. For example, I respect Yury Dud, but do you ever wonder why people admire him? They miss the factor when someone listens attentively and looks at you with curiosity. Yura is interested in hearing answers. It’s important to truly listen, instead of looking at the window or your notepad because you have 5 more questions. He is just curious. But is this really a phenomenon?! It’s how journalism should be. When I went for an interview with Vladimir Pozner, Vova Petrov and I got so drunk. Back then he lived in Moscow as well, not with me, but not far from me. So we drank 4 or 5 bottles of red wine. He tried to calm me and I was just, “Vova, I’m going to an interview with Pozner.” Anyways, I come to the meeting in the morning and, as Dovlatov says, “I’m embarrassed to breathe.

Breathe within thy self.
I do that and think to myself – either death or victory. We met in an Italian restaurant that belonged to Pozner’s brother. “Maybe you would like something to drink?”, Vladimir asks. I say, “Not for now”. He ordered himself red wine, well… I also ordered (why sit there dry) and drank it in one gulp. We did a pretty cool interview, I think. You know why? Because my fear suddenly disappeared. Anyway, the fear of interviewing is a strange thing. I had it twice. The first is actually with Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov. For me, he was an idol. You come to the interview with the thoughts: “Oh you! It’s you!” Then with Johnny Depp, I had 5 minutes in total. He came to Moscow promoting a movie, can’t remember which one.  Everyone left him disappointed because there is a protocol, a clear number of questions strictly according to the regulations. Well, I knew that Depp is a noble drunk so I asked him what kind of wine he prefers and how much could he drink a day and be so awesome? He replied: “Well, 4 bottles. I recently had this wine, but I would recommend you try …” and the interview went off-topic completely. Everyone asked him about the film, and then a man comes in and talks about how cool it is to get drunk. So we got way off schedule, but we did a decent interview.

Did you lose the ‘idolization’ factor of the people you interview? Especially after having a conversation.
Of course, a long time ago. I understand that

for the most part, the people you admire on screens are incredible assholes, unfortunately. 

Yet there are pleasant exceptions. For example, every year Hugh Hefner gathered all the chief editors in different parts of the world. The first time I went I thought to myself: “Holy hell, I’m going to see Hefner himself.” The man who SAW Marilyn Monroe. We meet and he says: “Listen, I love Dasha Astafieva. How are you doing there in Ukraine?”He knew about all our covers. He was interested. Of course, he wasn’t wearing a bathrobe people imagined him to wear all the time, he was an ordinary businessman, who simply lived by his business. In other words, there is no longer this reverence for people. When this feeling disappears, you begin to communicate coldly with a person, normally, as it should be in journalism. When you have this emotional reserve – the interview will turn out empty. When you nervously ask: “Do you like matcha or black tea?” and don’t even hear the answer because the main thing for you is to sit and watch. Have you had this?

I’m not fanatical overall. And we’ve had approximately 200 interviews at this point…
So I’m the 201st? 

Haha. Out of all the interviews I’ve conducted, I was nervous just once – the interview with Sascha Ring [ed. note – aka Apparat, part of Moderat] ~ [Interview: Apparat]
Are you for real? Awesome! He’s a powerful artist.

I love all his projects with tender love. But he has one special track that soothes my soul  “You Don’t Know Me” from the 2007 ‘Walls’ album. For over 10 years now, it remains the most special song for me. Every time I hear it, from the first notes it evokes such strong emotions inside. It’s comparable in strength to the emotions that Clint Mansell’s soundtrack “Requiem for a dream” evokes for the movie of the same name. All those scenes flood you soaked in pain from the subconscious. If you have watched this movie at least once and you hear the melody – you will instantly feel a wave of all those emotions. That’s the story of Apparat for me. It was the first and last time I was nervous about an interview. The interview turned out to be interesting for the reader, but I will not re-read anymore due to those emotions that took over me.
Have you heard their track with Thom Yorke? [ed. note . talking about Modeselektor – the German electronic duet, which together with Sasha Ring, aka Apparat, are part of the project Moderat]. How do you like Thom Yorke? Did you like his latest album?

I did. It’s sad, yet so beautiful.
Thom Yorke is perhaps one of my favorite artists. It should be that way: sadness and beauty are the main things guiding through life.

Not as sad as Nick Cave’s album, which he wrote after the death of his son. It’s so painful to listen to. At times, the most beautiful things are always so painful.
Oh, don’t! I was afraid to approach it, it was so special. I only managed to listen to it completely from the third attempt. When a person goes through some sort of nervous breakdown, for example, Seryozha Schnur who with great difficulty divorced Matilda, in my opinion, remains a genre of satire. Barely stayed afloat. It’s difficult to translate everything into satire. Do you agree that when everything is good and calm there is no creativity involved? You can create regular commercial content, but it’s without “nerve endings”. But you react to sad events in your life either by poetry, or by text, or by some other form of creativity, but you always react. That’s how I feel about it. We’re drinking nice cocktails right now, you and I haha. I also like Shortparis

I think I was the first one (or among) to interview them. It happened a couple of years ago in Kharkov.
You bitch! Seriously?! We have a shoot with them soon for Playboy in St. Petersburg. Naturally, you’re not invited, but… 

Haha. I’m not eager to go, and like I said, I’m not a fan. I love their music, I never miss any of their performances, but I don’t go crazy over them as pop stars. But yes, Nikolai is an academic intellectual and energetically he has a very strong personality, not everyone can handle it. He left a strong impression of himself, as well as the project itself, their music, videos, the performances.
And his piercing gaze? Have you seen ‘SHORTPARIS’ – Прощание с Дочерью? 

I think SHORTPARIS is the best thing that happened to Russia’s modern music scene.
Yes, it’s a fact. Oh, so you and I are from the same gang.

What I don’t quite get a grasp on is Russian rap. Maybe it’s a difference in generations.
Do you know why you don’t believe Russian rap?! They are not from the Bronx. They don’t shoot at each other. They show off. Basta is a big rich dude who writes about Samsara? In the backyard, this type of content would be all right, on a guitar. Not to mention BlackStar. The first Guf albums I understood in due time. They were honest, I believed him. It’s great when that happens. Yura Kaplan aka Valentin Strykalo very truthfully said: “Russian rock, thank you for being Russian, thank you for being rock.” He sang this mockingly, for your information.

Well, there is one Russian band, they play indie though – Pompeya.
Pompeya is great!

I’ve done 2 interviews with them [2016 ~ 2019]. I lost my interview virginity with them.
I’m getting fed up with you haha. Do you like them?

I love their music. I created this magazine because of my interest in knowing the person who creates something that I find interesting, what this person is thinking.
Here you have the answer to the question about the perks of journalism.

Who from the living or the dead you would like to interview? 
Adriano Celentano – hope he breaks all records of life expectancy. Nick Cave, Thom Yorke, Billie Eilish, screenwriters of ‘American Dad‘, Melissa McCartney – she has such cool laughter, Jim Carrey. That’s from the top of my head. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to talk to Yuri Nikulin. And I would really like to talk to Andrei Tarkovsky, right now, in the context of modernity. With Leonov. I would cry and look at him through tears. With Maria Basmanova who is Brodsky‘s first love. She is still alive, true, but she will never give an interview to anyone.

It always seemed to me that there are certain films that you need to “mature” for. Only now I feel ‘ripe’ and ready to watch Tarkovsky’s work.
As a child, I accidentally watched “Solaris” and didn’t understand anything. And recently I was sick at home and rewatched his films, realizing how strong and sensible they are.

What film or book character would you like to talk with?
With Raskolnikov. With LloydJim Carrey‘s character from “Dumb and Dumber“. With the horse Bojack. With the protagonist, Myagkov from the film “The Irony of Fate” to make him commit suicide so that we would never have to see him ever again. With Nabokov’s Lolita, to understand what was really happening there.

What would you ask Raskolnikov?
Why is he so sad? Haha With Yesenin I would get drunk and fight somewhere in the bar over some nonsense. I would be interested to chat with Charles Baudelaire. “Where do you come from, beauty?”, this is from the collection “Flowers of Evil”. It would be interesting to know what it was like at that time. Arthur Rimbaud, Goya. In regards to Malevich, I would like to hear his version of existence in this world, a picture of the world, and not the whole story of the “Black Square” and all that nonsense. Naturally, Merab Mamardashvili is a favorite philosopher. He is a unique person, a very deep person. Probably Korney Chukovsky. Oh, I’ll need to find time to get something at the bar with Michelle Welbeck – that’s where all the fun is.

If you could travel in time, either to the past or future, then where would you go and why?
I would travel to the past – the duel times. I’m very curious about the time when people answered ‘shit-talking’. I would live once again in St. Petersburg. I really like the romance of using guns pistols because of phraseology. Then, of course, I would go to a time when people were fish to drown this story of Jewish fairytales haha. Well, shall we repeat the drinks?

Here goes the third hour. It’s the first time the interview goes for so long. It’s the first time I talk so much myself in an interview.
I think it’s going ok.

Thanks for doing this by the way, without looking into it haha.
I thank you. I went through my mail and remembered that I had promised an interview. A promise is a promise. Do you consider yourself a good person? Let me interview you now.

I try to be a “good person”, but to be exclusively “good” in the classical sense of the word is impossible. Exactly the same thing goes to being “bad.” It seems to me that all life is a balancing act between being an “asshole” and being a “good” person.
I agree. But for you, “goodness” is not some kind of weakness? For some reason, being good is considered a manifestation of weakness.

It seems to me that you need to have the courage to be “good”, just like with “stupidity”. It depends on what concept of “good” consists of. Okay, a couple more questions for you. We have a list of roughly 200  general questions, and honestly, I would ask you everything, but it is what it is. Tell me a funny, embarrassing situation related to your work.
I spoke for Fedoriv at FuckUp nights and I told him something there. It was probably even something interesting. Maybe I’ll remember and add it.

You’ve mentioned that in the future you would be interested in graduating from directing school in the US.
I already changed my mind. My friend went and did that, though she studied on the ‘producer‘ course. She spent a lot of money, came back here with all that knowledge and realized that the realities are incomparable. And when I asked for her feedback I realized that there is no point. She studied the American patterns, but everything turned out to be entirely different here. In order to shoot the film “Beanpole”, for instance, the director didn’t need a US education. Or “Closeness” created by the same director, Kantemir Balagov. I am still a little impressed from watching these films. Watch “Closeness”, and then tell me what you think, it’s interesting to hear your opinion. For me, these films were the biggest experiences of the year. To be more precise, he studied from Sokurov, but did not finish any courses. And Sokurov made the film “Russian Ark” in one take. If a person consists of experiences, then these experiences are the most powerful things. Also, make sure to check out “Hotel by the River” by Khon San-su. The film is about a South Korean writer who came to die. Have a look.

If you had an unlimited budget, what film would you create? What would it be about and who would you cast?
I would have shot Anthony Hopkins would plan an old me, who asks my young self (played by Macaulay Culkin): “What is happening?”. He would not give an answer, and it would be a sad film. And Jim Carrey would play me as I am now because I adore this actor.

What films impressed you the most?
Let’s not mention commonplace films – the ones where you understand everything the creator wanted to convey. Films like “Requiem for a Dream” and so on. And I was impressed with all kinds of films. Michael Haneke‘s films are a must-watch, as well as Wes Anderson,  Milos Forman, “Welcome to Marwen” by Robert Zemeckis or his film “Cast Away“. Kira Muratova‘s “Eternal Homecoming”, Paolo Sorrentino‘s “The Great Beauty”, “The Wind Rises” by Miyazaki. That’s probably enough for now. In moments of gloom, I watch the Soviet comedy “Three Plus Two.” This is an eternal movie.

I love almost everything you named and I will be sure to check out the rest. For some reason I thought of the documentary about Sisqo Rodriguez ‘Searching For Sugarman‘. It’s such a weird destiny and everything that happened to him.
Of course!
Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane
Sugar man met a false friend – and all that. 

Apple Music constantly blocks his songs. Every time I listen to his songs something fucked up happens.
Haha classic thing to happen. But he’s cool.

What film reality would you like to live in? Not necessarily to live the fate of the protagonist, just to be a guest in a fictional reality.
Love, Actually”, “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Rocky”, of course. But jokes aside, “Interstellar”, “Hard to Be a God”  by German, and Balabanov‘s «Blind Man’s Bluff».  

What a nice salad made out of everything.
Well, it’s not interesting to live in one thing. Do you understand what I mean?

What’s the latest film that you liked?
The House That Jack Built”.

Love Lars von Trier. Especially the scene of the rain washing away the bloody trail to a Bowie song.
I know, right? The ending though was a bit excessive. But who are we to judge. 

Yes, that was a bit too much, a lot of people left the theatre. Speaking of that, the same thing occurred during Gaspar Noe’s “Climax“.
Yes. So I see you like ordinary things as well haha. 

What did you think of  “Nymphomaniac” [vol.1 ~ vol.2] by Lars von Trier?
I tried to watch it three times but could never finish.

Same story. Yet only after watching the second part to the end, I realized how cool it is. That’s when the whole story takes shape in the head. From the trilogy, I haven’t seen “Antichrist” yet.
It’s a must! 

What superpower would you like to possess?
I’d like to know when people lie. And teleport wherever I want. 

What is your perception of love?
Love is a state that is destroyed by society, by circumstances from the outside. When you even make love a little public, it falls apart. When there are just the two of you as one thing, and as soon as you leave the house – everything goes bad. Back to the superpowers… I’d also like to be invisible and make whoever I want invisible too.

Thus we indirectly returned to the other side of fame. All these sensational shows like the X-factor were invented in Korea. And the cultural boom of this country has now taken the flip side. Young idols, who literally grow with stardom as their purpose from childhood, do not withstand the stress of fame and recognition and commit suicide. It seems to me that fame goes hand in hand with loneliness.
Yes. It is a fact. Here it’s not as critical, but we’re getting there. 

What’s the wisest thing you’ve heard or concluded for yourself?
I don’t believe in such a style or attitude of words. Wisdom is acquired by itself. I haven’t concluded anything. I’m still the same as I was.

But is there a motto that you believe in? 

Everything that you look at for more than two seconds will betray you.

If you had to choose between Playboy and sex, what would you choose?
What are you talking about, I would choose sex. Where there is sex – there is Playboy. Haha

What’s the most memorable question you were asked?
‘Do you like yourself as a person?’ I’ve asked you that. 

You’ve asked me if I consider myself a good person, these are two different questions. 
Agree, agree. “Are you a good person?” – that’s the question. 

Are you?
Me? No, unfortunately. 

Do you need to be ‘good’?
I wouldn’t know. Do you know what trick is? The ‘goodness‘ is yours. You immediately begin to analyze what is “good” or “bad” in yourself. That “goodness” is indicated by the fact that you think about yourself.

We by default analyze other people, basing them on ourselves, thereby comparing.

What advice would you give to humanity?
Who am I to give advice to humanity. 

Just for the abstract heck of it. 

Don’t think too much about yourself. Don’t crush the air with yourself that much. Love each other. Call your mother. Give people flowers.  

And finally, the question we end our interviews with – what question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would your answer be?
I see you came prepared haha. “A thong or boxers all the way to the floor?” 

On a man haha?
Yes. I think we handled quite well. 

Digging your own pit. So what would you choose?
Dammit, I have to answer that too haha. Well, let’s see… I think thongs cut the area of the ass at its opening, so, essentially, I choose the boxers. What an ending to an interview!

All right, let’s wrap this up.
We went hard! It’s a nice drink and it was a cool interview. 

Translation: Elena Savlokhova

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