Interview: Elena Savlokhova

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What excites you the most in what you do? Does the enthusiasm fade over time for you?
The enthusiasm is never fading. The more challenging the journey is becoming over time, and it is, the more excited I am.

How did you get involved with music? What’s the story of your music journey?
I was obsessed with sounds for as long as I can remember. At the same time I was a gaming and sci-fi nerd. When I first discovered techno I was very young but I immediately felt like it was the perfect platform to express both my interests in a single medium, and I basically said out loud: “This is what I will be doing for a living”.

You’ve mentioned your interest in games, sci-fi and anime – could you share some of your ultimate favourites?
Sure. Games: Metroid. Probotector, R-Type, Arrow Flash, Alien Storm, Shining Force, Ghost in The Shell, Forsaken, Riot, Chaos Legion, Destiny – Destiny 2.
Sci-fi movies: Aliens, Dune.
Anime: Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noein, Kiseijuu, Ergo Proxy.

Do you think an artist’s work should overshadow a repulsive personality?
That’s a tricky question.  The work should be a separate entity and judged or consumed without any prejudice. But I have to admit that I am very primitive about it myself and when it comes to techno, I tend not to play tracks if I don’t like the person behind them.  This doesn’t happen very often, but it does and I can’t help it.

Could you share some bizarre or funny stories from touring?
Not really. Other than having to dodge a couple of bullets back in Serbia, I was pretty lucky to have the majority of my gigs go smoothly. A couple of warehouse raids here and there or cancelled connecting flights resulting in me having to spend the night in a random city, but nothing extreme so far.  I hope this response won’t jinx me for the future.

Where do you find depth in life?
I am not longing for any ‘meaning’ or ‘driving force’ in life if that’s the kind of depth we’re talking about.  Never found the need for any spirituality, or call it however you want. Things were always very simple for me. I exist, I don’t care why and I try to enjoy life as much as I can even when it is hard. And yeah, sadly I’ve known ”hard” for most of my life. The concept of life, love and death mean little to me. I accept everything as part of my existence and have always found ways to be happy with my weird mind. That’s actually ‘depth’ and enough of a ‘driving force’ for me – existing and turning things to your favour against the odds. It excites me and gives me the needed ‘kick’.

You also say that you are a control freak. Does it interfere with your work and life in a negative way?
Yes, work-wise it is horrible and energy draining.  I have it a bit more under control (Ha!  No pun intended) in the last 10 years, but it still physically hurts when things are not going the way I want them to and especially when there’s little I can do about them.  There were times I was literally getting sick due to stress. But it is also highly effective because I am always getting everything of importance done with ease as it overpowers my laziness. Still painful though and I do wish I was a bit more chill.  My wife helped me a lot as well.  She has a cheerful and laid-back personality so she just anchors me down when I go berserk.

What is the best or most memorable gig you’ve ever performed? Could you describe it?
Responding to this properly is difficult because as I am trying to think of one, I immediately think of five more. I had a lot of breathtaking gigs in my life.  What I can tell you about is the best looking venues I played at. The two that come to mind are a church in the Netherlands and the club Khidi in Georgia. Playing in a church is simply weird and special. Just imagine a party in one with the surroundings resembling a village straight out of a Harry Potter movie. Khidi, it somehow feels unique although it reminds of some other places.  Hard to describe.  It is100% to my taste and I can only recommend visiting it.

Do you prefer the intimacy of a club or a crowd at a festival?
Both settings can be extremely fun or disastrous, but I prefer the intimacy of clubs for sure.

What were you crazy and passionate about as a kid?
Dinosaurs and science.  I was a tough as nails street-kid, but I was also a textbook nerd. I guess I still am LOL.

What technology do you most anticipate?
Teleport or time-travel. But of course, it is highly unlikely that either will become reality in my lifetime, or ever.

You are in favour of the digital reign, particularly in your approach to productions. How technologically dependent are you and do you see any drawbacks of the world becoming more digital?
I grew up in Serbia and having power outages was pretty common there. While everyone I know was chill about it, I was having mental breakdowns even when I was out of power for only half an hour. I know it is being talked a lot about how the digi-era is affecting us all negatively, but I don’t see anything negative in my life specifically. Life without technology is boring. It is as simple as that. Living without a computer?  That would be a sad life after knowing one with it.  Older generations will tell us how they grew up ‘better’ playing outdoors etc. Really? If I could go back in time and give their younger self a video game or a drone to play with, they would choose playing with a wooden stick over it?  Right. Then they will tell you that it is not healthy and that you need to spend more time outdoors. Well, who says you can’t do both? I enjoy spending time in nature or lifting weights just as much. It is simply the matter of finding balance. Nothing is healthy if you are doing it excessively. I can see the drawbacks because most of the people are sheep and the more technologically advanced humanity becomes, the majority of the population gets easier to control and manipulate, but as far as I am concerned, if I was able to, I would be the first volunteer to become a cyborg or even digitalize my existence.

What have you learned through Scalameriya?
That I am much more stubborn than I initially thought.

What do you think the next stage of your life will be like?
Hopefully the same as now, with me continuing to learn daily about things that are of importance to me. Becoming better at what I am doing and wiser in general is the ultimate drug for me.