Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photography: Ludovica Formisano

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How was the 1st of January at Reaktor for you? Off to a great start?
It was amazing, simply a great start. Thanks to Dax and Reaktor for the invitation!

What do you sacrifice for your calling?
The sacrifices were there and they always will be. I always put music first, and at the beginning I wasn’t understood.

As a pianist, what is your favorite classical piece to play?
Uhm the latest songs that I’ve played (15 years ago) are Moonlight Sonata, Hungarian Dance No.5, Asturias, The Turkish March, and then I played a lot of blues and jazz music.

You’ve said in one of your interviews that “darkness creates a security shelter, the matrix of my primordial identity of techno”. Could you elaborate on your definition of darkness and your process of facing it? Why do you think this concept is often associated with techno?
I find in the obscurity, in the dark environments, a sort of personal refuge that can all be defined with the term ‘nyctophilia’. The concept is not specifically associated with techno, but it’s more about me personally, especially in regards to the past and to the experiences of my life so far, that haven’t been the best. I try to express this into techno music, but it is not always easy.

Give an example you have witnessed of the strongest or most memorable influence music had on someone or yourself.
Well, I can say when I had the honor and privilege of playing B2B with Jeff Mills and Octave One, and also when I went to a concert of David Gilmour a few years ago in the amphitheater of Pompeii!

How do you want your work to echo in the culture?
I want it to remain an indelible memory, something that will be remembered in time. Travel, money, glory – all these things vanish. The only thing that will remain is music. This is the purpose of my work.

What’s your favorite thing about Italy?
Italy is completely beautiful, even with all the problems it has with the government and other things. It will be hard to separate me from my country.

Could you share a bizarre or awkward story from you career in music?
I could really say a lot of bizarre things but I shall only mention two: during an evening I happened to see a guy who danced with a taser in his hand in the rain. And then in Naples last year they hurled a bra at me while I was playing.

You always speak very passionately about music, but are there moments when you feel stuck? If so, how do you reinfuse your creativity when it feels stale?
In rare cases I’ve found myself stuck and I must say that the difficulty was short-while. I believe that the right solution does not exist, because in the end everything is born suddenly, as nothing can be born even when you are totally inspired. It just happens!

Do you think that art hurts society in any way?
No, art adds color to our lives, all the while this society is increasingly reduced to an intellectual collapse.

What interests you outside of music?
I am passionate about wines, films, documentaries, books on illuminism, masonry, etc. I collect LEGO of some Marvel characters including Iron Man and other objects that are always inherent in The Avengers. Also football and Italian cuisine!

There’s this film by Yorgos Lanthimos ‘The Lobster’, where single people are meant to find a partner in 45 days, and if they don’t, they must choose an animal to transform into. What animal would you choose and why?
A wolf – I love everything that is inherent to it and incidentally, I also have a werewolf tattooed on my leg!

What goes on in your mind when you’re performing?
Most of the time I’m always angry. I do not know why. I just have a change in my face and then I turn to someone and I laugh. I can’t understand why.

What’s coming for you in the near future?
Certainly a lot of important record releases, it’s just been a few days since my EP “Lust It Fills The Space” on my label “Letters From Jerusalem” came out with the second feature of Douglas McCarthy – the front man of the legendary Nitzer Ebb. I hope to work as a composer for some movies in the future and I hope by this year I can fulfill the dream of going back to the theater to play with a new project that is being created.

What question would you like to be asked at an interview and what would your answer be?
There are many questions but, surely, the answer will be: “Go fuck yourself”.

Then we’re glad we didn’t ask those!