A Berlin-based DJ and owner of ‘My Own Imaginary World‘ record label

Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photo: David Paige

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What’s it like to be you?
Hm, It’s complex and simple, organised, and non-stop. I’m always trying to make sense of the world and find ways to Interpret that sense. I’m in my head a lot, my imagination. I’m expressive and passionate about a lot of stuff and I want to see the good and beauty in everything.

What was on your mind when working on this release? Did you face any personal changes in the process of creating your debut album?
The album happened at the end of producing a large body of work. I didn’t sit down and say I’m going to write an album. It happened at the earlier stages of exploring my machines and getting them to say what I wanted. I had a lot on my mind but mostly I think about themes and spaces, like ‘Children’s Play’ is an imaginary theater play. ‘Chase’ is about a motorbike chase in a film that exists in my imagination. So in the end, some of the tracks somehow told the story of everything I wanted to say for now. I learned to channel my raw emotion into my music, to trust my ideas, and to really truly be myself.

What is your goal and purpose with launching your own new record label? What do you want to achieve with your work?
After making all this music, I thought; I’ve made it this far and realized that I didn’t want to wait for anybody else to approve of my music or have creative direction over my work and vision. My goal is to be independent and to be my most authentic self. To express and expand myself freely away from genre conventions. Also revealing other parts and interests about myself. It is my new home, it is ‘My Own Imaginary World’ where everything’s possible.

What is a rule that you always follow?

What interests you outside of music?
I like information, learning – I’m following a few hundred channels on YouTube. I’m into news, politics, true crime, philosophy, history, literature. Also, I’m watching a lot of films and documentaries. Away from the screen, I’m into travel, hanging with friends, deep talks, restaurants and coffee shops, time in nature, markets, and vintage shopping. All of the above helps trigger and imagine ideas for my music and projects. It’s all interconnected.

What art piece (book, painting, music, poem, film…) resonates with you at this moment in life the most? Why?
I’m not really resonating with anything new at the moment and I’m not seeking inspiration. Maybe next week I will walk past something and go “Ah”.

What film, book or anime would you like to be a part of? You don’t necessarily need to experience the fate of the main character.
Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

What was the last film you’ve seen that impressed you? Why?
I’m in the middle of watching everything David Lynch, both the series and movies. I really like true crime and solving mysteries and the music score in everything is really nice. The movies are a quirky mixture of weirdness, art, oddness, and inspiration. Apart from David Lynch, there is a short film called ‘Meshes of the afternoon’ (1943) that I saw recently that was pretty inspiring.

What was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, felt, or lived through in your life?
The sum of everything has been a beautiful adventure.

Could you highlight your favorite fairy tale and explain why it was your favorite?
Classic Disney has always been a love of mine and inspires my music. I love the aesthetic of the imagery and the storylines and plots are a mixture of very dark and twisted but also very light, fun, imaginative, and romantic. Snow White is my favorite though. I like the song ‘I’m Wishing/One Song’. I actually wrote a lot of mock up score music pieces about Snow White, I didn’t release any of those yet though. I was resonating with her for quite some time.

What question would you like to know the answer to?
Why are we here?

What was the wisest thing you’ve heard or realized?

Life is full of disappointments, get used to it.