Berlin-based underground pop artist and musician 

Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Cover photo:  Iga Drobisz 

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Pre-order the new album "So Wrong" here. Out on May 14th 2021.

What’s it like to be you?
Haha. Oh wow. I would say generally enriching in finding the beauty and making the best out of life and experience, but often quite hopeless and dystopian. I’m finding it very hard to see a future these days.

What is the duality between your stage persona and your normal life self?
This is actually a strange duality – on stage, I feel that I enter into my feelings so deeply and become kind of shy, which is quite opposite of my normal life self where I am more outgoing, loud. I find this weird that I become so introspective on stage so I would like to find a new space to perform in where I am as confident as normally.

What did you uncover about yourself through your new album “So Wrong”? What world did you try to create and transmit to the external world?
The new album has many textures on there, so at first, we were thinking it made more sense to make it a double album, So Right / So Wrong to cover these contrasting worlds – one world of ballads, sadness and pain, heartbreak – and the other world of self-confidence, female empowerment, optimism. But in the end, the visual campaign developed and became quite complex in itself so I thought it made more sense to keep the album under one title, So Wrong, which also gives control back to the audience to interpret the phrase at their discretion. What is ‘So Wrong’?

Wrong is a concept of perception, this definition is different for every individual. 

If falling in love would be something you can see what would it look like?
Falling in love is a field of flowers that lift you up and surround you in protection. It’s only you, nobody else.

What ultimate truth have you learned after all these years you’ve lived?
That you are in charge of your own output; to treat others with respect, understanding, empathy, and patience.

What was your first musical memory?
My mother playing Christmas songs on the family piano. 

Do you sometimes misjudge things or people? Is it easy for you to accept mistakes when you make them?
I’m very good at accepting my mistakes haha.

I believe every experience is valuable in your self-development so actually, nothing is truly a ‘mistake’, it just builds your story further.

And I think one of the most important characters of being a good person is being self-reflective and realising your weaknesses, failures and being able to admit to them. No one is perfect. I don’t think I often misjudge people, I try to always be empathetic. If I do judge someone I often realise it’s my own insecurities or mood that has led me to that critique.

What is your definition of beauty?
I think beauty is in individuality.

I fall in love with scars, twitches, or weird behaviourisms of people – these individualities.

These will never become tiring. I find perfectionism boring and if someone is too classically ‘beautiful’ or perfect I don’t find any sexual appeal in this.

If you could have a conversation with any historical or famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Hard to choose one, but I think I’d like to speak to SIA. Her position in the music industry is very interesting and I’d love her perspective on that and how to succeed. Also, I think we struggle from some similar demons and I want to see how she exists with hers herself.

If you were a musical instrument, which one would you be and how would it reflect your personality?
I would love to be a harp! The way the fingers dance over the strings, the shape of the instrument, and its luxurious design… ouff!

Do you at times feel lonely in life? How do you react to the feeling and are you afraid of it?
I am lucky to have a supportive family and an amazing group of friends who are equally family to me.

Loneliness is a trick of the mind, we are always alone but the key is finding excitement and fulfillment from within yourself. 

What is your goal and purpose as an artist? What are you trying to achieve with your work?
I think my goal is just to try and survive this life and music and singing is my therapy. And I think if I can successfully access and transcribe these truths then they are universal and will also help other people to just survive.

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would you answer?
This was a real good one tbh, was nice to have a deep talk with you – that’s always my preferred outcome.

photo: Kurt Heuvens