Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photography: Adam Custins

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We are so thrilled to announce that we are organizing our very first event in collaboration with Hedonism Festival and Южный Берег Киева.
On the 5th of July, you will be swept away by the enchanting melodies of Jonathan Bree – a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from New Zealand.
See you on the coast of Kiev’s Dnipro river very soon.

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Jonathan Bree (NZ) / 5.07 / Hedonism Sunset Live

What have you learned through all your projects on a personal and professional level?
Everyone is capable of moments both complete rubbish and genius, just like everyone is capable of good and evil.

How would you define your art and its aesthetic to someone who is not yet familiar with it?
If they were an uber driver looking for a short and snazzy answer I’d say Baroque Pop.

What do you sacrifice for your calling?
Hmmm, I could say you sacrifice personal relationships and friendships…but at the same time, your calling could be the very thing that brings about those connections. So maybe sacrifice sounds too dramatic a word to use there. You definitely sacrifice a decent sleeping routine and can find yourself close to meltdown once sleep goes out the window.

What is the juxtaposition and dualism of Jonathan Bree as an art entity and your normal life self?
Mr. Masky and I sing a twisted tune together but are sometimes at odds with each other in the danse macabre… [ed. note: allegory on the universality of death]

If you had to choose between music and sex, what would you choose?
Is masturbation still on the cards if I choose music?

Could you share some awkward or bizarre stories from your childhood.
I never really played sports or socialized much as a kid. I’d draw in the classroom every lunch hour. There was a bizarre period around the age of 6 or 7 though where I use to play weird roll­play games with these 2 girls during the lunch hour: pretend chaining up and kissing slave stuff….god knows where we channeled that from but it’s a funny bizarre memory.

What superpower would you like to possess? Why?
Well, I already possess the ability to time travel which is kinda like a superpower. However, I would like to better my skills at communicating with my friends in the animal kingdom.

If you had the opportunity to go back in time with the knowledge that you have now and change something, what would you change and where would you go?
Well, I do possess the ability to time travel. I keep a pretty low profile when I travel. Meddling is not my game.

What was the last exciting thing you’ve done or felt?
I found a new variety of vegan ice cream just before I left Brooklyn.

What absurd or useless piece of information can you share with us?
There’s a place in Brooklyn New York called ‘the hole’. It borders 4 or five neighborhoods and it’s streets are so far below normal street level it’s not even hooked up to the New York sewage system. Probably useless info useless you are possibly about to make the mistake of booking an airbnb there…

What do you like and dislike about getting older?
In many ways, you come to accept many things you thought were important really aren’t, that I like. I don’t like the collection of loss that accumulates as you grow older. Mix that in with a world of self-righteous hypocrites at each other’s throats…it’s a spice killer.

What film or cartoon reality would you like to live in? What film would you recommend and why?
I threw this one out to the band sorry. Drum Boy says ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and Bass Boy says Swiss Army Man’ for his film recommendation because it’s hilarious.

What do you think the next stage of your life will be like?
Probably full of loss and pain but let’s not think about that, shall we.

What do you think really matters at the end of life?
Having few regrets. Knowing you added what you could to the great nothingness.

What would your retirement age be like?
Well I’ll be working until I die I suspect, and by work, I mean writing and performing music which isn’t really work necessarily. Who knows maybe when I’m gone someone else will wear the mask.

What question would you want to be asked at an interview and what would your answer be?
Question: “Will you please show me your time machine?” Answer: “I already have”.

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