Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photo: Joon Kim

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What it’s like to be you?
Officially, Jay Kim is the stage name through which I can deliver my life to the audience as a dancer, choreographer. My real name is Young Jae Kim and I am a normal person.

What excites you the most in what you do?
I can feel some rewards when I show the choreography to an audience. I am hardworking and I am happy when people enjoy it. Also, I can meet a lot of people from different countries.

What have you learned through your projects both on a personal and professional level?
I gained some confidence and self-esteem after the European tour project. On a personal note, I found my strength in the middle of promoting Jay Kim. I feel I am developing my identity and colour of a  professional choreographer.

Does your dance reflect your inner state and personality or it’s more of an external exploration?
Both. Dancers can guess their personality when they see their choreography. But I do explore a lot of experiences from friends, family and I am trying to share stories with my choreography.

What disappoints you the most in your field of activity?
When I feel I am not ready for some performance, I feel shame and am disappointed in myself.

Do you think that creativity (talent) is something that can be learned?
It depends on what creativity is. But I can see that creativity is mostly like a natural thing that people already have as if already born that way.

You worked with K-pop idols. What do you think about the dark side of fame?
People feel loneliness and depression even if they are popular. I think that it is related to some confidence and prejudice from other people. South Korea has cultural judgment upon each other.

How do you usually recharge mentally and physically?
Even just thinking requires a lot of energy so I just sleep when I need to restore myself mentally or physically.

What was the most surprising thing for you in Europe and the USA? What are some of the cultural differences that you took note of?
About the dancers’ personalities. European dancers are reserved and may be organised people, USA dancers are more outgoing and open to express their bodies and their own feelings.

Would you like to move in the future to another country? Why?
I want to be free from some prejudice and the standards of others. It can make me more creative in a way I guess.

Who’s your dream artist you want to work with?.

Could you share the most bizarre, awkward, funny stories from your career?
I got lost when I visited Beijing because all the houses look the same and they cannot speak English so it was so funny and embarrassing.

Could you tell us the most surprising thing about you?
I am the one who still keeps working for myself and my friends and I am feeling some rewards from it.

What book, film or cartoon reality would you like to try and live in? Just in order to experience a certain world for as much time as you want.
The NotebookRegarding the love story, I would like to love a person the same as it is portrayed in this movie.

What do you think the next stage of your life will be like? What’s coming for you?
I would like to collaborate with some Korean Traditional Movement and I want to create some fun show for fans.

What was the wisest thing you’ve ever heard?
Don’t think about achieving some goals or some rewards, just find some good friends and follow them.

What was the most memorable question you were asked?
I got a question from Argentina: “What do you define yourself as?”

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would your answer be?
Why do you make emotional choreography mainly? ~ Dance is the expression without language and I would like to deliver some emotion and be remembered by people for a long time.

Photo: Joon Kim