Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska, Elena Savlokhova
Photo: Ljubov Dzuzhynska

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Ali Love
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Luca Cazal
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What’s it like to be you?
Ali: Insane
Luca: Agree haha.
Ali: It’s nuts, just doing what I do. Last night was pretty nuts. It’s a very extreme life. In one moment you’re at home eating organic food and taking care of yourself and then you’re partying and doing exactly the opposite thing. So I’m either very healthy or very unhealthy. It’s schizophrenic. What about you Luca?
Luca: I used to be like that when I was single, but now that I’ve had a girlfriend for three years, I’m a little bit more balanced. The extremes aren’t so opposite anymore. Still, I take care of myself a lot more than I used to when I was younger and single. 

What have you learned from each other?
Luca: All the bad things haha. What I’ve learned from him… Musically I’ve learned a lot from him, especially at the beginning. We’ve known each other for almost 20 years, it’s a long time. What we used to do before was a lot more music based in terms of playing instruments and stuff like that. What I learned from him, in the beginning, was a lot of things that had to do with songwriting and playing guitar, chords and generally music-related stuff. Then over the years, we kind of grew together musically as well, and the style of music that we played developed and changed. He’s still in a way a little bit more than me on the musical side of things and I’m more on the production side. I guess that’s what he’s been learning from me  – he started producing. It’s just a constant exchange of things. On the human side, on the personal side, that’s a whole other story. It’s a deep conversation that would take ages to tell, so let’s keep this answer on the music haha.
Ali: I don’t know what I’ve learned. I don’t think I’ve learned anything. I’m just as stupid as I was.
Luca: I think he’s hungover today. I went home after the gig yesterday.
Ali: I’ve got a bruise on my head, a big bruise and a cut on my arm. I don’t know if I got into a fight or… I don’t know what happened. I’m a bit confused today.
Luca: Is that what you want to talk about in the interview?
Ali: Just being completely honest.
Luca: Let’s stick to what we do.
Ali: What was the question again?

What have you learned from Luca?
Ali: A lot of music stuff. I’ve only just started using a computer. I used to use a 24 track and be very old style in making music. It took a long time but now I’m learning new bits. I need to learn more to be honest.
Luca: He’s been sitting in the studio with me engineering stuff for many years and now he started to engineer himself.
Ali: It’s easier than it looks, at least some of it.
Luca: Depends to which degree you do it.
Ali: Look at that picture of a monkey, what do you think of it? [points at a huge painting of a monkey]. Anyone wants a beer? I’ll go grab one. 

Could you share a story of the most fucked up situation you encountered on tour?
Luca: The most fucked up situation? I think we’ll wait for Ali to answer this one haha. There’s been many. The thing is, sometimes when they are too fucked up you either remove them from your memory or keep it to yourself. But he will tell you.

It’s not your first time in Ukraine, right?
Luca: No I’ve been here already. I think this is my fourth or fifth time. Second time in Kyiv. Last time I was in the city six years ago at the same club but with a different name. I also played at a club that is closed now which was called Boom Boom Room, but the party wasn’t in Kyiv, it was on the coast. 

[Ali Love is back with a beer]

Luca: What’s the most fucked up situation on tour? That was the last question.
Ali: It must be some South American country.
Luca: But in what way fucked up? 

In a bizarre or crazy way.
Ali: Anything. There are loads. There are times when you just never go home. You might just end up hanging out for 3 days, but that’s not really that crazy.
Luca: I’m not sure really.
Ali: We got arrested in Russia because we stayed there for too long. They put us in a cell.
Luca: Did they?
Ali: Yeah they put us in a cell and then the guy had to come and bail us out.
Luca: Ah yes, I remember that. There you go! We overstayed our visa in Russia one time and then we went to the airport and they arrested us. Then the promoter’s friends, who were basically diplomats and were connected to the government made a couple of phone calls and they released us. That was pretty fucked up. Then there are some fucked up situations that you don’t really want to talk about: stuff to do with staying up too long and, you know, partying a bit too much, missing flights and all that kind of stuff.

What excites you the most in what you do?
Luca: I guess, connecting with people through music, being able to find a common ground between myself and someone I’ve never met through the music that I make and the way that they perceive the music that I make. Also, realizing that people feel something because of my music, whether it’s a live performance where they are listening to my music in front of me or they are listening to the music that I released in their house. That kind of brings me closer to those people. Even if I don’t speak to them or if I see them and they’re at the show, it means there is a connection of some sort. That can happen with a total stranger or even with my friends – just a connection and how our music brings people together. That’s the thing that excites me the most.

If you had to choose between sex and music for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Luca: Why can’t you have both at the same time?

Those are the rules right now.
Luca: I mean, at this point in my life… Let’s see what he says. If you had to choose between sex and music for the rest of your life, and you can only have one thing of the two, which one would you choose?
Ali: I’d choose music over sex. I’ve had enough.
Luca: Yeah, that’s what I think as well.
Ali: I’d be a monk.
Luca: I choose music too, actually.
Ali: I’ve had enough fun.
Luca: I’ve had too much fun.
Ali: Really.
Luca: I feel the same way.

I’d choose music over sex. I’ve had enough.

A lot of musicians pick otherwise.
Luca: Really? I guess it depends how old they are and how much sex they’ve had in their lives haha. You know, if you’d asked me this question when I was 10 or 15 years younger I would probably say the same. I got all the sex. Well… I didn’t, but since you asked me to pick one option, I picked music. I could be satisfied with the amount of sex I’ve had in my 40 years of life.
Ali: I sometimes feel like my main job was that and now my real job is doing music. That’s my job.
Luca: But good thing this question won’t turn into a reality. You’d be fucked otherwise.
Ali: Yeah… Let’s move on. 

What was the most memorable question you were ever asked?
Ali: That one. 

What do you realize as you get older?
Ali: That family and friends matter.
Luca: Health is important. That’s one big thing that with age you realize. When you’re younger, you just don’t give a shit. You don’t even don’t raise that question to yourself and then as you grow older you start thinking, ‘okay, well I should have known that’.
Ali: The most important thing is health really.
Luca: But you know, thank God that we’re healthy and well, but we could be healthier.
Ali: When we do gigs I have to sing in front of people and I get stage fright so I have a drink beforehand. Sometimes, like last night, I overdo it. There are a few situations where I’ve really, you know…
Luca: They’re just interviewing us, you don’t have to give an entire confession.

These are girls not priests haha.

It’s okay. Let it go. Let it go. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. That’s fine.
Ali: Thank you, Father. Forgive me for I have sinned. The monkey made me do it. It’s freaking me out, man. 

What book, film, or cartoon reality would you like to try and live in?
Ali: That’s a great question. James Bond, maybe. 60s James Bond would be good. What else… Star Wars! That’s where I would want to live.
Luca: Same.
Ali: In Star Wars, you have your planet and you got loads of other planets around so you can just be hopping from planet to planet, and you have loads of cool creatures knocking around, Yoda, the Force, lightsabers…
Luca: A lot of fun.
Ali: Ewoks. Do you know those little guys? Love them.
Luca: Yeah, you get to go around on nice little spaceships.
Ali: Or Star Trek. In Star Trek you’re on a big spaceship.
Luca: Nah, that’s a bit boring, they’re always on a spaceship. They don’t get off the spaceship.
Ali: They’ve got a more peaceful mission. A lot of people say that the planet is under quarantine galactically and what they have in Star Trek is called a prime directive, which means they don’t visit planets that they deem not worthy, planets that are not technologically advanced or are advanced enough in their minds. They don’t touch them. That’s almost what this planet is like. People say that that’s really the case here and Gene Roddenberry, the creator, he was constantly meeting up with the heads of state and he had all the inside knowledge on what was going on and that was actually happening. Watch the Bob Lazar documentary – it’s insane. It’s the truth of what’s going on.  

If you could travel in time, where would you go and why?
Luca: A while ago I would have said the 60s as I used to be obsessed with 60s music but now I’d say in the late 80s, early 90s. I’d like to be in my late teens in the early 90s and do what I do back then because of the music that was created in those times.
Ali: I think the 90s could have been really good.
Luca: I was too young to go to clubs, but I’ve started going to clubs in 94-95, but I would have liked to start to DJ and produce at that time. Even before 91-92. That was an exciting time for electronic music.
Ali: Florence would have been nice in the renaissance. Italy in the 50s, Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ period, which is where all the best films were made. That would have been an amazing scene. Or 50s Rome.
Luca: But after WWII if you didn’t have money you’d be poor as fuck.
Ali: Well yeah, you’d have to have it the other way. All the Americans started going there and Hollywood started making films in Italy for cheap and that’s how you got all the stars there. It was a really interesting period of time. 

What films impressed you the most?
Luca: That’s a question for him, he watches a lot of them.
Ali: Italian films. Fellini’s, I think, are my favourite. Every single one of his films is like a dream. His massive breakout film was ‘La Dolce Vita’, which was huge, even termed the word ‘paparazzi’. It was a word that he made up and it started the whole thing of what we are witnessing now.
Luca: I didn’t know that.
Ali: Yeah, he made that. So he had this massive success, won an Oscar and thought, ‘what the fuck am I going to do next?’. He was losing his mind and his genius led him to create a film about not knowing what the fuck he’s doing. No one ever did that. It was Fellini’s ‘’ film. It’s considered one of the most amazing films ever. You have to watch it. Watch ‘La Dolce Vita’ first and then ‘’. 

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Ali: That house in Ibiza that we stayed in was a mistake for me. I didn’t even stay there.
Luca: I didn’t have a problem with that haha. I stayed there.
Ali: I paid for all that and I didn’t even live there.
Luca: I think I was the one who gave you the advice to get that house and you got it haha. You bring that one up every now and again.
Ali: Your turn. That’s a bit weird though, I don’t know if that’s a good answer. No one will understand what the hell that’s about.
Luca: I don’t think I have an answer to this question, to be honest. If I’m asking someone for advice I usually ask the right people. 

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would your answer be?
Ali: What’s coming up next and what we’re up to would be good. We work together but we have a lot of other stuff going on.
Luca: We should talk about what we’re doing together though.
Ali: I’ll start. I work with Phantasy Sound, which is Erol Alkan’s label. He is a really big and respected DJ in England, who used to run this club called Trash in London and we used to go there. I never really thought that I was going to work with him.
Luca: For me, release-wise, I’ve signed a track on Fuse Records. I have a tour in Asia coming up in January that includes a date with a party called Circoloco from Ibiza, where I’ve been a resident for the past year. It’s going to be the first time I will play for them outside of Ibiza, which is going to be cool. We’ve also been doing music together with our friend Andrea Fiorito from Italy.
Ali: It’s some of the best stuff we’ve done. We’ve released an album [House of Infinity LP] recently, this year, but it wasn’t really aimed at the dancefloor – it was quite a mellow record really.
Luca: It was like something that you would listen to rather than something that DJs would play at parties. Then we released a remix album which was more dance-floor oriented (our tracks remixed by other people). The last thing we released was sort of dancefloor music but we aimed for a listening experience.
Ali: We neglected the dancefloor.
Luca: But stuff that we did with Andrea is directed at the dancefloor.
Ali: It’s a new area that is slightly different to what we did before.
Luca: The music we’ve been making and the reason why it worked is because we’re both musicians and songwriters. We’ve been making dance music with an angle from songwriting and melody. Yet now we want to explore a more direct club angle.
Ali: Most DJs don’t even know how to work that, it’s just all lucky mistakes, which is cool because you make music that is totally different. But when you know all that stuff then you think that’s the way but sometimes it might actually be better to be like the DJ that doesn’t really overthinks stuff. Sometimes you try too much to make things musical. I do that.
Luca: I do that with him because that’s what we are used to. Also, I’m a DJ, and he doesn’t DJ, he’s a singer, producer and songwriter, so the stuff I make by myself and that I release as Luca Cazal is stuff that is made for the club and for the dancefloor. But when we do Infinity Ink – it’s always musical. Now we’re going to try and add the dancefloor into it. That’s Infinity Ink in 2020.