South Korean indie band

Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photo: Frank Lebon

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leader, singer, guitarist – Oh Hyuk
bassistIm Dong-geon
guitaristLim Hyun-jae
drummerLee In-woo

사랑으로(through love)

What’s it like to be you?
Oh Hyuk:  I just feel the same. I feel happiness and sadness.

What was your first musical memory?
Lee In-woo: When I was 5, I learned how to play the piano.

We`ve interviewed Oui Kim and he mentioned that HYUKOH’s Ohio was his very first project, and he would choose this music video as his favorite. He only produced half of the music video due to the short budget, but he wants to finish it to the end sometime. Aside from this music video what music video of yours is the most special for you? Why?
Oh Hyuk: I have a unique memory for each one, whether they are good or not, I remember them all.

Who is or was your biggest teacher?
Lim Hyun-jae: The Internet for sure.

You`ve traveled around the world, what are the most significant differences between South Korea and other countries? What was the most surprising thing for you?
Im Dong-geon: I think the similarity is that we feel love and enthusiasm. But still, it feels as if the Earth is huge and airplanes are too slow.

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What is beauty for you and how do you integrate it into your work?
Oh Hyuk: I feel it is important to find what I can do in between personal preferences and absolute beauty (I’m not sure there is any).

What have you learned from each other?
Lim Hyun-jae:

I have learned that there are so many different sights by each member for one issue and felt it’s very important to find our balance in between those sights.

HyunJae once mentioned that Japanese fans during “Wi Ing Wi Ing” tend to not make any sound during the performance. It felt as though they were listening to you with their soul. Did you have the same feeling during someone else’s concert?
Lim Hyun-jae: When we went to Coachella this year I enjoyed Aphex Twin a lot.

Hyuk once mentioned that you’ve been raffling off this cap, designed by your friends at Dadaism Club, during a few of the shows in Korea. The first person who had won this cap – you found out she ended up selling it. Can you share some other bizarre or funny stories from your career?
Oh Hyuk: My fans sent me sunflower seeds from all over the world. It was really overwhelming and I even bragged about it to my friends! People still ask me whether I receive a lot of sunflower seeds.

And some bizarre or funny stories from your childhood?
Im Dong-geon:  I don’t remember much.

How do you usually recharge with so much space invasion in your life (mentally and physically)?
Lee In-woo: When I feel down, I stop working on my tracks, and do nothing and just rest at home.

You’ve said that you don’t like to use social media personally and that sometimes you feel like it’s an obligation these days. Besides the negative aspects of digital media, what are the positive ones? Do you think that from another perspective it’s a powerful tool to explain your artistic point of view to people who are interested in your art?
Oh Hyuk: Of course I do. Besides, social media is one of the most prompt platforms that we can communicate not only with our fans but also the era we are living in. 

How are you trying to be a better human being and how do you seek the best within yourself?
Lim Hyun-jae: To try to listen to people thoroughly.

I feel it is very important to have the attitude willing to have a heart to heart relationship and not just a formative one.

Also, to maintain those relationships, having caring and loved ones around you is critical.

What was the wisest thing you have ever heard in your life?
Im Dong-geon:

To feel real happiness for one’s own rather than to pretend to look happy for someone.

What film and book would you recommend?
Lim Hyun-jae: Not for now.

So, how to find love and happiness for those who can`t? [ed.note: 24 : How to find true love and happiness EP]
Oh Hyuk: I’m not sure. 

What I have in my mind is that living life and seeing the world through my own identity is the start for everything, a start for love and happiness. It’s hard to do so but it’s good to see everything with love – both for me and everyone around me. 

What was the most memorable question you have ever been asked?
Lim Hyun-jae: Your previous question. “How are you trying to be a better human being and how do you seek the best within yourself?

What question would you want to be asked at an interview and what would your answer be?
Lim Hyun-jae: It’s fun to be questioned about the things I normally haven’t thought of. Challenging questions lead to good answers so I guess I would have to give some thought about everything we discussed in here. 

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