Interview, photo: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Translation: Elena Savlokhova

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Vocals, Guitar – Pavel Dmytriev 
Bass, Vocals – Nikita Mekalin 

What excites you the most in your line of work?
Pavel: When a song is coming together and when there is a good response from the crowd when they hear it. When the crowd dances to it. Pretty much when you materialize the ideas that you have.

What do you sacrifice for music?
Nikita: Nothing. I honestly don’t sacrifice anything. Music is just an integral part of my life.

What is the most special gift anyone has ever given to you?
Nikita: People gave me chewed gum and stuff like that. I liked those the most. These sorts of gifts are more valuable than expensive things, teddy bears or toys.
Pavel: I haven’t received these special gifts yet. I’m waiting for them and have something to look forward to.

What were you like in high school?
Pavel: I tried to be an A student but it never worked.
Nikita: I was doing ok till 9th grade. Then I’ve met some skater dudes and I wasn’t very into studying afterward. Although I was more extroverted back then than I am now.

What was the last thing that you’ve done or experienced for the very first time?
Nikita: I think nothing at this point.
Pavel: For some reason, everything is repeating itself lately.
Nikita: I honestly don’t know. But I went to Rovno for the very first time. I’ve never been there before.

What animal would you become if you had to choose?
Nikita: I’d want to be a dog. I like dogs. And people in their majority are very nice to dogs so I’d like to be a house dog.
Pavel: A turtle swimming in the ocean. They live long and you can calmly explore everything underwater. I wouldn’t get close to the shore though.

What is your comprehension of pain?
Nikita: It’s very unpleasant when your teeth ache.
Pavel: Yeah, I agree.
Nikita: Everything else is tolerable. The pain of the soul maybe? Each to their own.

What film or cartoon reality would you like to live in?
Pavel: ‘Blade Runner’. But not for long as it is quite gloomy. One year would do.
Nikita: Probably any film that depicts New York in the mid-70s – early 80s. I like the atmosphere of that time – the origin of hip-hop, the underground culture, etc.

Tell us a funny or awkward story from your life.
Nikita: I actually have a story to tell from ‘Closer’. Last autumn I came to my first-night party there. I don’t like parties that much. Around 4AM I went to the toilet and the next thing I remember is waking up at 4AM in the toilet stall. The bouncer was basically banging at the door. Then I realized that I’ve fallen asleep. It was quite funny. That was my last all-night party.

If not music then what would you be doing instead?
Nikita: I’d want to paint and be an artist. Or a photographer. Create collages. I highly doubt that I would have an office job.
Pavel: I would probably work by my specialty and become a good architect.



How do you feel about an intergalactic-interspecific fusion?
Nikita: Great! We are all waiting for it to happen. But probably our life is not long enough for us to witness it.
Pavel: We have to freeze our bodies.
Nikita: I think it is inevitable. Someone will turn up sooner or later. Maybe they have already.
Pavel: Maybe it already happened but we just didn’t notice it. How are you sure you weren’t abducted in that toilet situation?
Nikita: They’ve put me back right where they took me. I don’t remember anything. And then I found some object under my skin.

What book would you recommend us to read and why?
Nikita: It’s a question for Pavel. I don’t read books. I only read ‘technical’ related literature. Not that into fiction books. I tend to fall asleep.
Pavel: ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

What about film?
Pavel: I’d recommend ‘Alien’.
Nikita: I like the documentary about Jean-Michel Basquiat. But I would recommend David Lynch films. It normally takes 4 attempts for me to finish his film from start to finish.

The existence of what would you like to ‘cancel’ in the world?
Nikita: A lot of things. Violence. Interracial conflicts. Homophobia and racism.

If you had to choose just one method of a death penalty in the world what would it be?
Pavel: In all likelihood the guillotine. It’s fast.
Nikita: And alluring.
Pavel: A head in a basket.
Nikita: I wouldn’t choose. I would refuse the offer.
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life?
Nikita: Beauty is always variable. It shifts depending on your impressions and the current state that you are in. The Fender Jazzmaster is a very beautiful guitar.
Pavel: The Alps. I really liked it there.

The most beautiful word (in any language)?
Nikita: The German ‘Der Schmetterling’ [butterfly]. But no, it’s not beautiful.
Pavel: As a kid, I really liked the Ukrainian word ‘пропозиція’ [offer]. My grandmother used to watch the Verkhovna Rada broadcast and they would use this word all the time and it just seemed very weird at the time.