an Italian DJ, electronic music producer, and owner of the SUMMA CUM LAUDE record label

Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photo: Clemens Wildschut

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What’s it like to be you?
I think the most difficult thing to ask someone is, “what’s it like to be you?”. I really don’t know. I can be a good person or a bad person, so the answer to this question is – ask people what it could be like to be me. 

How would you describe the world and the narratives that you create during your performances?
I’m happy when I’m able to create an “atmosphere” together with the venue, the lights, and the crowd. The story that I tell through my music speech is about emotions that I feel on a daily basis.

What ideas were you exploring when creating your album “Orgasma”? What were the most challenging aspects of recording the album and what do you feel looking back at the final product?  
The initial idea of the “Orgasma” sound was to create something that would really resemble 80’s techno sound during its prime. For sure the most challenging aspect was to find the sound and the aesthetic that I had in mind for this record, it wasn’t easy to find that formula to work on my machines and still keep it real.

What is the best and most memorable gig you’ve ever played and why?
Every gig is memorable: the crowd, the venue, the vibe. It’s always different. DJing all over the world every day makes every gig and day memorable. There are new places that I would still like to discover and make memorable just like all the others.

When asked what provoked your interest in the rougher realms of music, you’ve answered that it was your soul. How would you describe your sense of the soul?
People find it difficult to discover a method that describes the soul, yet I’ve found the best one ever – through music.

Music can define inner feelings on a deep level, it’s a higher state of consciousness that is above all material things. Music is about the soul.

Do you have specific ambitions or goals you want to achieve in your art and career?
I would like to leave something in people’s minds. When people remember one of your parties, or a DJ set, or tracks that you’ve released then you are doing your job very well…

What concept of happiness have you derived for yourself, and based on this concept, are you a happy person?
Yes, I’m happy, I have my family and my friends and for me, that’s happiness in its absolute. But you know better than me that

happiness is a moment, a short moment.

I prefer to be considered a person of serenity.

Your label SUMMA CUM LAUDE translates to ‘with highest honor’ from Latin. What is the philosophy and ideology behind it?
Only music that can be honored could be part of SUMMA CUM LAUDE. The concept is very easy.

If you could give a piece of advice to humanity and know that everyone would take it, what would you say?
Spread love because life is too short! Help those in need and support people whenever you can. Love your parents and your friends.

What do you think will really matter at the end of life?
Art, because art is endless.

Art fills you greatly during your time on Earth. 

When and how do you feel the most alive?
I feel alive all the time because I always do something that generates emotions – when I create and play music, when I enjoy a good meal, when I am with my friends, when I talk to the person who I really like or love.

What was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen or experienced in your life?
Every day is a new experience and beauty is everywhere.

Things you can’t unthink
I constantly think about music: how to always make it different and interesting, I constantly seek new formulas of approaching it. It’s the only overthinking that I allow to myself.

What was the wisest thing you’ve heard recently and how does it resonate with you?

Always help those in need.

Supporting and helping others is the wisest thing ever. When you help someone you are always helping and supporting yourself.