Interview: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Photo: Ashly Osborn, Lissy Laricchia

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What’s it like to be you?
Lonely, bizarre.

How would you define your art and its aesthetic to someone who is not yet familiar with it?
Pure rock n roll, relentless New York City.

What have you learned through Des Rocs on a personal and professional level?
I’ve learned that music is about what’s in your gut and your heart – nothing else matters. Turn the brain off, write what you know and what you feel.

In your opinion, why is music such a vital element to your existence?
It’s always been a part of my soul for as long as I can remember. I don’t know exactly why, but rhythm and melody are ingrained in my DNA and always will be. It’s pure euphoria for me.

What excites you the most in the process then? (recording, performing..?) Why?
I’m excited by all of it, but performing is my reason for being. Whenever I’m recording I’m only thinking about how the record is going to feel live, how I’m going to move to it, and how other people are going to move to it.  Whenever I’m on the road for too long I crave some studio time, and whenever I’m in the studio all I want to do is play shows. That’s just kinda the curse of the artist.

Speaking of touring, could you share a bizarre or awkward story?
Everything about touring is bizarre and awkward. One time we were crossing the border into Canada and were detained for like 8 hours. It was a pretty lousy experience, but most experiences on tour,
 that aren’t on stage, are lousy.

What is your weirdest habit?
I don’t think of my habits as weird, I’m just pretty neurotic overall.

If you could travel in time, future or past, where would you go and why?
Think it would be supremely dope to walk around ancient Rome.

Tell us about someone who inspires you.
Elvis is a huge inspiration. There were little blueprints he was following, culturally speaking there wasn’t an Elvis before Elvis – such an enthralling and massive entertainer, singer and actor.

What’s your advice on how to cope with the reoccurring unbearable shittiness of being?
Just keep on keeping on, and make art.

What is beauty for you?
I can find beauty in almost anything.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

Do you think it’s ok to be an asshole sometimes?
Of course.

To what extent do you care about what others think of you?
Very, very little. I don’t make rock n roll records because it’s trendy.

What film would you recommend and why?
The New World, it’s pretty transformative.

There’s this film by Yorgos Lanthimos ‘The Lobster’, where single people are meant to find a partner in 45 days, and if they don’t, they must choose an animal to transform into. What animal would you choose?
A cobra. I love cobras. I am a cobra. 

If you had to choose between music and sex, what would you choose? Why?
Music. It will be there long after sex is.

What do you think really matters at the end of life?
Close relationships with family and friends. Doing good for the world and others. Living a fulfilled life without regret, a life without unrealized dreams or missed opportunities.

What would you want to be remembered for?
Rockin’ and rollin’ hard.

What do you think the next stage of your life will be like?
I have absolutely no idea, but whatever it is bring it on.

What question would you like to be asked at an interview and what would your answer be?
This is in and of itself an insane question and I dig it. How about “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”. One, two *crunch*, three.

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