The solo project of DIMI aka Dimitri Poumplidis, which up until November 2020 had been a music duo alongside Andrew Bowen

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Get the EP "Violent Dawning" here.

What excites you the most in what you do?
The music, the people, the tireless weekends traveling around the world and putting a smile on people’s faces on the dance floor.

What was your mindset when producing the new EP ‘Violent Dawning’? What subjects did you delve into while creating it?
Recently our world has been in turmoil with all the crazy things happening.

Disturbances around the political and economical environments as well as the insane corona situation left a lot of people with a lot of anger and hurt feelings as we all saw our everyday life taken away from us in various forms. So this EP has been made during this timeframe and is an exact reflection of the situation nowadays inside a person’s mind, and the outside surroundings.

When did you first experience the power music carries within itself?
It was the very moment I started learning the piano. Nothing else existed when the heads of the piano keys hit on the strings!

How do you want your work to echo in the culture?
“Go Hard Or Go Home”,  and what I mean by that is that always through my music I try to push people to try their hardest in whatever they do and as the phrase says: “Hard Work Always Pays Off”!

Are you confident in your vision as an artist?
I believe confidence comes with ever-evolving skills and knowledge. Every day I try to enhance my artistic vision through vigorous research and experimentation in various ways, may that be in the studio or getting some inspiration from the outside world.

If you could have a conversation with any historical or famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
That has to be Jimi Hendrix!
The guy was a level of his own and it would have been surreal to spend a day or even have a conversation about anything with a legend like this!

What do you realise as you get older?
Live and enjoy every single day like it’s your last one!!!

How do you tend to discover new ideas?
Personally, I tend to just open the machines in the studio and just go! Throughout the years I have always been working in rooms without much daylight or windows, so darkness helps me in the writing process.

What is your personal idea of happiness?
Life is happiness!!!
Happiness is everything and anything that can put a smile on your face and give you butterflies in your stomach.

What makes good taste in your opinion?
Good taste can always be built upon a lot of studying and researching.

What have you discovered from all these years of observing the evolution of the music scene?
Music is an ever-evolving creature!
Every few years there are a lot of interesting sub-genres that are coming along and they breath fresh air into the scene and that is what makes it so interesting.

What was the last film you’ve seen that impressed you and why did it?
A badass 70’s film called: “Performance”.
The story and the way this movie is filmed is absolutely insane. I won’t say any more details because I don’t want to be a “spoiler alert” person 🙂

What would you like to improve with?
I try to improve on everything and anything as an artist and as a human being every day that is passing by!

Knowledge is power so the more you know the better it is!

Things you can’t unthink (things that are constantly on your mind)

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would you answer?
That question must be …  “What do you love as much as music
Of course, my answer has to be: animals!!!
I grew up with a lot of different kinds of pets and animals around me so it’s kind of second nature to mem and they are most of the time so sweet and loving!!!