Hail, Worn Pop. A Kiev-based record-label, booking agency, artist management and promo, established in the fiery December of 2013. Why fiery you might ask? Because it started a blazing movement – “Movements”,  to be exact. A series of musical events organized by the creator of  Worn Pop – Nikita Netrebko.

How did we come across Worn Pop? Glad you’ve asked. In December of 2016 we have witnessed one of  the most rapturous nights on our memory – Black! Factory held in Kiev’s beloved underground sanctuary Closer. The vibrancy and power of that lineup left an exuberant aftertaste.  Those hours of darkness were filled with musical madness that struck mayhem upon the depths of our souls. It was one hell of a night.

As one thing led to another and through the magic of chain of events,thoughts, luck and multiple signs from the universe –  we’ve contacted the man behind it all. Nikita has a vision and despite any mishaps – he stays true to his vision. His choices are based on personal taste and instincts. He selflessly shares his perception of music with whoever seeks new or previously undiscovered soundscapes.

We at Aught, passionately support Worn Pop and share its vision. As a matter of fact, Worn Pop plays a significant and integral part in our media platform. We are pleased to walk this road side by side, and to have the opportunity to share a more personal, ‘behind the scenes’ standpoint of Worn Pop.

So what lies ahead? In time to come, we shall introduce you to some marvelous artists signed by the Kiev-based label. We will also introduce you to the invited artists of Worn Pop and its “Movement”, particularly those who bring their musical wizardry from overseas.