We are drawn into the darkness yet again, so prepare your vantablack outfits, friends.
Worn Pop is celebrating its 4th anniversary and this means it’s time for Kiev’s best party of the year – Black! Factory.
In anticipation, we’ve prepared a brief directory of artists for you to check out. All hell will break loose in Closer on the 24th of November and we simply cannot wait.

3rd Floor:

Codex Empire live ([a+w], AUT)

Mahk Rumbae – the man behind the haunting entity of Codex Empire. Being present at his live set is a soul-stirring experience that entirely disrupts your perception of any reality you could have possibly imagined: it’s a ghostly pit of infinite energy that you absorb with every single cell of your body. Not to mention, Codex Empire is part of the unparalleled Berlin-based record label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, which is filled with luminous music gems. To say that we are delighted to witness this particular artist’s glow within the shadows of Closer’s 3rd floor – would be a major understatement.

T. Raumschmiere
live (Shitkatapult, DE)

Marco Haas – the techno punk ‘shouter’ responsible for the Berlin-based label Shitkatapult, and the artist who named himself after the title of “The Dream Cops” [german: Die Traumschmiere] – a short story by William S. Burrough. In one of his interviews, Marco mentions that he “always break[s] expectations” during his performances. Well, Mr. Haas, break our expectations all you want, whatever floats your boat.

(Rave Or Die, FR)

With a mission to channel the Rave spirit to younger generations through his music, Fred Poncet has been in the game since the 90s. The creator of Rave or Die and New Flesh Records, Umwelt is undoubtedly an iconic figure in the electronic music scene and is a fierce force to reckon with.

Group A
live (JP)

I’ve always liked the idea of making music without knowing how to make music“, – says Tommi Tokyo, who formed the experimental avant-garde synth duo alongside Sayaka Botanic back in 2012. With visually-striking and, at times, confusing performances, Group A seems like a wholesome art piece in itself. Now based in the ‘open utopia’ of Berlin, the Japanese duo continues to work on their unique sounds and peculiar visuals.

live (Worn Pop, UA)

A Worn Pop signed band we’ve already introduced you to in a recent interview, Gil’otina has a poetically dark feel about them: their music transports you into the unknown depths of your darker-self, and leaves you hypnotized by the bitterness of their melancholic lyrics.


La Mverte
(Astrolab Recordings, FR)

A Parisian DJ and producer Alexandre Berly is definitely someone who developed a distinct artistic aesthetic. He possesses the sort of charm that instantly spellbinds you. The soundscape of La Mverte almost transcends you into a neo-noir universe, where you’re as if surrounded by shimmers of neon lights: just standing under the pouring rain while trapped in the night-time mysteries. He says he is inspired mostly by books and memories, and that he willingly lost himself in the abyss of music, with no sight of the surface. In the words from La Mverte’s A Game Called Tarot – ‘get ready to be mesmerized’.

Rouge Mécanique
live (Rouge Mécanique, FR)

Coming from a rock scene, Romain Azzaaro has developed his own style where he merges psychedelia with electronic music. His sound is versatile and always has a cinematic vibe to it.


The Kiev-based DJ and part of the LOW crew, Serge Jazzmate will knock people out from the mayhem of Black! Factory and revive everyone from the land of darkness.

Super Besse
live (I Love You Records, BY)

Alex Sinica, Pavel Mikhalok and Maksim Kulsha – the Belorussian trio of Super Besse, which came to life back in 2013. The band describes their music as ‘bold, mechanic and interesting rhythm with punk-influenced expressions’. We can’t wait to hear the fellas of ‘Super Demons’ [how it translates and sounds in Russian] light up the Closer factory in blazing musical flames.

Cold Comfort
live (Worn Pop, UA)

Part of the Worn Pop family, the duo has already won us over with their passion-driven performances, as well as a warm impression they left during a conversation we’ve had with them earlier this year. Formed in 2012, Cold Comfort continues to pierce their glacial sounds into our fiery hearts.

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24th November 2017.
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