Corridor Audio – is a dream that came true. The main focus of the platform is to release high-quality Ukrainian content. Today Corridor Audio creates a symbiosis of music and abstract art: it tunes the listener and the viewer on the same frequency. The main criteria is artistic form and reflection.


“You know… It is an endless system, an endless field. It is now and always. A moment that
appears to be eternal. What seems to be made out of parts is in reality continuous. This is now
and this is it. The third time. But there always be more, more stars, more matter, more music,
more everything. You know.”

Label: Corridor Audio
Genre: Techno, Ambient
Release Date: November 5, 2019
Catalog: CORAUD 010


Vaxoid – Tone h394
tofudj – Ef
Hatroneli – See
Splinter (UA) – Antiguan Racer
Friedensreich – Sir Heavy Legs
Poly Chain – Obey Nature
Noisynth – Rave in the Jungle
Danilenko – Scars Of The Past
Vera Logdanidi – Pulse
Friedensreich – Remember 2013



Mastered by GMT CREW, Kyiv
Designed by Anatoly Griaznov, Kherson
All information:
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