Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Photography: Yacoub Chakarji

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What’s it like to be you?
A man that does what he likes, a life with ups and downs with choices, mistakes, sacrifice but also a life with a lot of satisfaction, goals, and fun. A life like… being yourself.

What excites you the most in what you do?
The moments I share on the dance floor: as a dancer, and as a DJ.

In one of your interviews, you mention how you are happy with how things are going in your life and that you would never want it to end. What would your eternity look like?
Unfortunately, eternity doesn’t exist but also, fortunately, can you imagine me wearing the same polo shirt forever and ever? Hahaha.

Could you tell us an awkward or funny story from your childhood?
When I was at secondary school I was a professional swimmer so I couldn’t go for school trips with all my classmates because I had to train every day. So all my friends came back from Paris (if I remember well) and they brought a bottle of Popper. I was one of those guys always sitting down in the last line in class… so during the lesson, I tried the Popper and in the silence of the lesson, everyone could hear the noise of my nose hahaha. So the teacher asked me to sit down in the first line in front of her… Well, you can imagine my face the 2 minutes after hahaha. Super funny and embarrassing.

In your opinion, what do people tend to over-complicate the most?
Their relationships, I think. There are some limits due to our culture, look at religions, etc. And often you think it is the right way and maybe it is at that moment, and also nice… But then you become a slave of it when it all becomes complicated. Look at marriage, for example.

Who is or was your biggest teacher?
I can recognize 2-3 different teachers for different reasons. Jazzie B from Soul to Soul (even if I never met him personally) who inspired me on how to create a music movement. Sandro Nasonte from Remix Rome, he showed me the way of techno and all the things that are behind the scene: from the distribution to the record shops, how to create a record label… Together we created Elettronica Romana, where artists such as Donato Dozzy started their techno carrier. Luca Cucchetti, the old producer and techno icon from the 90s in Rome, he gave me the chance to see how a radio show is made in the studio live and direct.

What is your advice on where not to go and what not to do in Rome for someone who has never been there before?
Don’t go to eat at the first restaurant you see only because it is Italian food in Italy, but try to ask for a recommendation from locals. Don’t drive in rush hour, you will hate Rome.

What is your biggest challenge in life?
Trying to be a good observer and not saying immediately what I am thinking.

How do you seek the best within yourself and how do you challenge yourself?
I’m trying always to remind myself of the mistakes I’ve made… Both the useful ones and the useless ones.

You spoke of the necessary balance of the old and ‘new’ way, where skills are often overshadowed by the image on social media. Do you think that this ‘new’ way will take over the value of artistry at some point in the future?
Definitely yes, it changed the parameter to recognize a good artist… It’s moving apart from the art and just thinking, “he is famous so it is good.”

What do you realize as you get older?
Old in comparison to who? Hahaha. That you always have to think that if you look in one direction then you are old but if you look in another direction then you are still young.

Could you give an example you have witnessed of the strongest influence music had on someone or yourself?
Aphex Twin for everybody… He inspired the electronic scene so much that everybody tries to copy him without having success.

What have you learned through the journey of Freddy K both on a personal and professional level?
Never give up on what you like, never… there is always space for yourself. Life is so short nowadays.

What’s coming up for you?
Winter is coming… A lot of new releases for my label KEY Vinyl (really happy about the label) and new gigs (that are the moments where I can express the best of myself).

What question would you like to be asked in an interview and what would your answer be?
These questions are nice already.

Freddy K’s KEY Vinyl is releasing 4 new EPs between October and November. Vela Uniform “Kratos” EP, including a collaborative track with Blawan, and Benales “Kernel” EP will be both out on October 4, while Border One “Kurtosis” EP and Ctrls “Kontekst” on November 15.