Corridor Audiois a dream that came true. The main focus of the platform is to release high-quality Ukrainian content. Today Corridor Audio creates a symbiosis of music and abstract art: it tunes the listener and the viewer on the same frequency. The main criteria is artistic form and reflection.


“Listen, there is something else. Once upon a time, a scientist raised the question: why are all electrons in the Universe have the same mass and charge? One theory claims that all electrons and positrons are manifestations of the same entity moving backward and forward in time. Thus everything you see might be created by one single particle. We are all – a single particle. We create different things and we are different, but, at the core, we are one. Possibly.”



«Global Modular Traffic 1/3»

  1. Heinali – Breaking Dawn
  2. Louwave – The Last Fall
  3. Friedensreich – Modernity
  4. Danilenko – ​Perseverance
  5. Synthkey – Joyflow
  6. Vaxoid – Exodus Iron Flies
  7. Splinter UA – Taipan
  8. Lobanov K. – Zhelezniy Les

 Global Modular Traffic 2/3