As one steps foot into the well defined architectural space of Brave! Factory Festival – it instantaneously transfigures into a dream-like world. It’s a paradisal landscape that fits several realities into a single factory territory. It’s a long yearned haven where time ceases to exist and where you float in the eternal now. You wander in awe through a network of converging dancefloors, art installations, mazes, and your essential desire is to embrace every single spark of experience. All directions seem infinite, each path with its own latitude and longitude that lets you dissolve in endless audiovisual wonders. You enliven your senses on a 50000sqm playground filled with mesmerising hearts that share this adventure with you. Even if just for a while, it was a new version of existence, and we were yet again fortunate to witness it with our own eyes.

Captured: Mykki Blanco, Stanislav Tolkachev, Yves Tumor, Andrey Kiritchenko, Squarepusher, Chris Liebing, IC3PEAK.

As we’ve bid farewell to Kiev’s summer season to Stanislav Tolkachev’s beautifully chilling “February”, our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude to all those souls, who made it all happen.

Until next year Brave! Factory.

Photography: Elena Savlokhova