Interview: Elena Savlokhova
Cover photo: Dean Paul De Leon

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Сould you share the story of how you got involved with music? What were the most significant stages for you?
It’s not a story. I had a computer since I was around 10 and figured out that it wasn’t just for video games. I had a rotating cast of college students in my home growing up and they dumped cracked music software and it’s been like this ever since. A significant stage was realizing that some of these programs were emulated from actual hardware and that some are not and thus the chase began…

What are you trying to convey with your new LP ‘Come, Deathless’? What were some of the challenges you faced?
I’m more interested in what you are receiving with ‘Come, Deathless’ than what I am trying to convey. 2018 was an emotionally draining year for a lot of people, myself included – those were the challenges.

Your music is accompanied with a distinct visual aesthetic. How is it formed and how does it reflect your inner self?
My visual aesthetic is simply knowing, relying on, and feeling fortunate enough to have visual artists I respect and admire to give me their time and talents. Everything you see is intentional and the artists I reach out to and am drawn to follow this intentional vision of how I see my music and the world it exists in. They help me create these worlds for the music.

What is the best gig you’ve ever attended as a viewer? Could you describe it?
It was Fantomas, The Locust, and Trevor Dunn’s Trio in Washington, DC in April 2005 and Ryuchi Ikeda at Day for Night in Houston, Texas December 2017. Both of these share similar things which is they are visually appealing, sonically appealing, forward thinking, incredible talent being funneled down for consumption at the average idiot (me).

If you could access your subconscious, what do you think you’d discover?
These are questions to ask after I have discovered something.

What are your fears and phobias?
Being passive, inactive, complacent, while the world is burning.

How do you challenge yourself in order to expand your potential?
Having an insatiable curiosity and having the tools to investigate help me grow sonic vocabulary. Knowing that I will never know everything, but I have a single lifetime to acquire and distill as much as possible, is a good driving force.

What would your personal hell look like?
Being interviewed / talking about myself all day. It would also be hot and humid.

What technology do you most anticipate and why?
Something to replace social media or whatever disbands people from becoming increasingly homogenized.

Do you have any rituals when producing music, something that helps you get the creativity flowing?
Inspiration, drive and persistence is something I don’t lack. I know certain people have to be in the right mood to do things – I don’t. I’m a workhorse and am ready to work at any time.

You’ve mentioned that you have an urge to control things, would you say it’s something that you benefit from or is it at times rather draining?
If you have control of your control, it’s beneficial. Balance is essential but, of course, the scales tip and cyclical thinking and plateauing at being unproductive is not uncommon.

You run BL_K Noise with Drumcell. What have you learned from him both on a personal and professional level?
He’s not that great at Tetris, really good at Street Fighter. His patience and diplomacy is something I lack and admire. I’m learning and failing to resist becoming a better human around him.

What do you love the most about your dog Roscoe?
As with people, I think getting a point of communication without verbal or physical actions and being in sync is something I strive to achieve. With Roscoe, we are very much aligned. We have learned each other and I love spending voiceless days with him where we are in each other’s company. I’d feel sorry for the sounds I expose him to if he didn’t seem to be comforted by them.

What would you rate 10 / 10?

What question would you want to be asked at an interview and what would your answer be?
“How much do you want to be paid?”
How much you got?

Photographer Corinne Schiavone 
Editor: Eileen Tjan.