Interview, photo: Polina Belehhova

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What are the highlights of your European tour?
Augustus: The whole thing has been such a mind blowing experience. Everyday is something completely new and wild. Moscow was especially insane. We played this abandoned hydrogen factory. The crowd had amazing energy.
Jae: Driving around Moscow was so foreign and special.  It was snowing and seriously felt timeless and eerie.  But maybe Greece was the ultimate experience for me. Just walking around, to Acropolis, men singing loudly in Greek, dinners that last two hours and begin at midnight. It’s amazing. I really loved it there.

If money and paperwork were out of the question, what city and country would you want to live in?
Jae: I think I would go back and forth between the American south and the Hudson Valley.  Really enjoying being abroad, but I miss the ocean and my old bedroom in Georgia.  I have a small family and it would hurt to be so far from them all the time.  The Hudson Valley would be a dream, living the bucolic artist life and taking the train to the city whenever.

What is beauty to you and how do you integrate it into your work?
Augustus: Beauty to me is overwhelming. It’s an undeniable reaction to something. That’s the feeling I aim for while writing.
Jae: There is something really beautiful in vulnerability. More and more it feels like fear fuels strength, and tenderness is forgotten. When you come across those who are honest, and kind, and open – it’s really something. I aspire to be true and vulnerable.

Describe the world you are trying to create during your performance.
Jae: I hope our live show envelopes the audience in such a way that they can just be a part of the experience and forget everything around them. I really value losing oneself in an event. Dark, haze, loud.

What was the last film you’ve watched that inspired you?
Augustus: I watched Desperado on the plane to Paris. Loved it.  It reminded me art can be passionate and intense, but also not take itself so seriously.
Jae: I recently re-watched Moonlight.  That film is so amazing. It’s beautiful and intense and sincere. It captures this part of Miami, and one’s psyche in the best way.

If you had an opportunity to produce a film with an unlimited budget, what would the film be about?
Jae: I have this really meandering film idea, where we follow this woman traveling from the desert to the city. She carries something like rabies and kinda destroys everyone in this subtle, yet violent way.  I would love to make this movie someday.|
Augustus: Cowboy techno film noir.

What other music genre could you perform in in an alternative reality?
Augustus: I could see myself being the turntablist in a nu metal band. I look pretty good in a bucket hat.
Jae: I have always fantasized about leading a country band.

Is your personality a trauma or a blessing?
Augustus: Depends on the day.
Jae: Haha, depends who you ask!

When you perform, who receives more energy – you or the audience?
Augustus: Collectively, I hope the audience. But performing live is a great release for us.

What do you appreciate the most in each other?
Augustus: I appreciate Jae’s intuition, her hardwork, and passion.
Jae: Gus is way more grounded than I am – and less fearful. I appreciate his level-headedness when I am losing it. And of course his tireless work. Gus never stops writing.

What is the most exciting thing about tomorrow?
Augustus: Tour just ended. Looking forward to some R&R.
Jae: Moving. Finding a new home.

“You see me you see a stranger
I see you I see danger
Pain, always pain
Pain, always pain.”