Aught Magazine is a herald of freedom and abandonment. The only idol we worship is otherness. The only rule we follow is ‘come as you are’.
It is a flight of imagination. It is a celebration of the grotesque.
We look beyond mainstream photography, art, fashion or music. We delve deep into the totality of the subculture. We welcome marginal concepts. We praise methods of provocative self-expression.
Our team is endlessly seeking for striking and surreal concepts. If you are a photographer, artist, designer, illustrator or a journalist – read our requirements for submissions at “contributors”

Aught team:

Founder & Editor: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Editor: Polina Belehhova
Editor: Anastasia Kolenkova
Editor: Anastasiya Palko
Editor-in-Chief: Elena Savlokhova

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